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Unprofessional conduct/practice of conversion therapy
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CLOSED     Opened on 7/8/2019 and Ended on 8/7/2019

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Regulation of sexual conversion therapy Christopher M. Wallace  8/7/19  11:55 pm
Ban limits scientific, professional, and parental rights Daniel White  8/7/19  11:06 pm
ban conversion therapy Elizabeth Fogarty  8/7/19  11:02 pm
Ban forced "conversion therapy" Patricia Hagan  8/7/19  10:51 pm
Proposed Counseling prohibitions Robert Marshall  8/7/19  10:48 pm
Do not go against parental rights Philip Briggs  8/7/19  10:36 pm
Allow choice in counseling JC  8/7/19  10:33 pm
No Ban Tricia Chopski  8/7/19  10:24 pm
No ban David Chopski  8/7/19  10:22 pm
Highly unwise and objectionable restrictions Norma Jo Shore  8/7/19  10:13 pm
Don't Prohibit Talk Therapy Todd Gathje, Ph.D., The Family Foundation  8/7/19  9:24 pm
Unconstitutional Regulations that Usurp the GA Authority Dr. GUY SANDS  8/7/19  9:16 pm
Ban the abusive practice known as conversion therapy ALETA E STRICKLAND EDS, NCSP, Louisa Psychological Consulting, PC  8/7/19  9:04 pm
Protect the Rights of Parents A. Truslow  8/7/19  8:51 pm
Abandon This Illegal and Harmful Regulation Josh Hetzler, Legislative Counsel for The Family Foundation of Virginia  8/7/19  8:41 pm
Protect Constitutional Rights of Parents Joanne Kohlhaas  8/7/19  8:39 pm
Protect Parental Rights Barbara Campbell  8/7/19  8:14 pm
Protect parental rughts Susan Henebery  8/7/19  8:10 pm
Protect the right to receive and offer desired forms of counseling Ed Hopkins  8/7/19  8:07 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Floyd Taylor  8/7/19  8:05 pm
Parents are Their Children's Educators Pat Kolakoski  8/7/19  8:01 pm
Individual vs state rights Greta Campos  8/7/19  7:39 pm
Make conversion therapy compulsory!! Victoria D  8/7/19  6:46 pm
I oppose the ban re "Unprofessional conduct/conversion therapy" Donato Palizzi  8/7/19  6:28 pm
Conversion Therapy Guidance Sarah Campanella  8/7/19  6:16 pm
Conversion Therapy is torture Danielle Perry, the TREVOR project  8/7/19  6:04 pm
Opposition to proposed regulations limiting moral guidance by parents to their children Richard DeLoach  8/7/19  5:38 pm
Protect Parental Rights Philip Camill  8/7/19  5:35 pm
Porposed ban is Human Rights Violation Alison Kelly  8/7/19  5:10 pm
Allow freedom to seek counseling ruth cark  8/7/19  5:07 pm
Please do not allow unelected officials to impose their views Pia Pell  8/7/19  5:02 pm
Put no ban on counselors speech Charlotte Chow  8/7/19  4:59 pm
Please Ban "Conversion Therapy" on LGBT children Joseph O'Brien  8/7/19  4:50 pm
Freedom to Counsel Lester Gabriel  8/7/19  4:34 pm
I support ban on conversion therapy Deb Hansen  8/7/19  4:06 pm
Regulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling[18 VAC 115-20] Grady Dixon  8/7/19  4:04 pm
So-called "conversion therapy" Dana Loew  8/7/19  4:04 pm
Parental Rights Irene Reisinger  8/7/19  3:51 pm
Protect parent's rights A.R. Quinn  8/7/19  3:36 pm
"Conversion Therapy" undefined. Ban violates ACA Code of Ethics Rita Wasilewski  8/7/19  3:24 pm
Parental rights to educate and care for their children Teresa Connor  8/7/19  3:06 pm
Protect Parental Rights Alan Clune  8/7/19  3:00 pm
Support Conversion therapy Parental Love  8/7/19  2:54 pm
Uphold the rights of Parents Stephen Gabriel  8/7/19  2:41 pm
Parents, not bureaucrats, make decisions for their children Parents First  8/7/19  2:41 pm
Support proposed ban on conversion therapy Suzanne Bomar  8/7/19  2:37 pm
let the patient, not parent, decide on "conversion therapy" Lenny Cohen  8/7/19  2:17 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they prefer Kevin McGraw, Catholic Campus Ministry at UMW  8/7/19  1:59 pm
Please protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose. MARIANNE MAZZATENTA  8/7/19  1:58 pm
NEVER electric shock in therapy. Let the legislature rule on constitutionality. Mary B. Gregory  8/7/19  1:53 pm
Uphold the law Bill O'Connor  8/7/19  1:50 pm
Parents should always be the decision makers for their children Syra Howington  8/7/19  1:08 pm
Trust Virginians. Respect Choice. Virginia citizen  8/7/19  12:58 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Tripp Duke  8/7/19  12:55 pm
Protect Parent's Rights! Karen Shannon  8/7/19  12:53 pm
Show respect for parental rights John McMahon  8/7/19  12:43 pm
Support families - yes to conversion therapy Mary Biagiotti  8/7/19  12:42 pm
Allow families to have their rights Irene Maria DiSanto  8/7/19  12:39 pm
Please protect the rights of families to seek counseling Morgan Taylor  8/7/19  12:37 pm
Protect Parental Rights Susan Bond  8/7/19  12:30 pm
Do Not Ban Conversion therapy for children Geraldine Laird, citizen  8/7/19  12:23 pm
I am taking action to protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Ignatius Hrding ofm, Saint Francis of Assisi Parish  8/7/19  12:20 pm
conversion ttherapy Mary Schleicher, LCSW, VCU Health Systems  8/7/19  12:15 pm
Conversion therapy John Donovan  8/7/19  12:12 pm
Parental Rights Must Be Respected Deacon Jim Benisek  8/7/19  11:58 am
Respect Individual choice Thomas Pell  8/7/19  11:56 am
Support legislation banning licensure of those who practice "Conversion Therapy" Cathy Baskin  8/7/19  11:39 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Luke Forbes  8/7/19  11:26 am
Ban Conversion therapy now Tommy Blount  8/7/19  11:01 am
Ban conversion therapy Stanley S. Smith  8/7/19  9:40 am
Ban conversion therapy. Robert Penczak  8/7/19  9:39 am
Ban conversion therapy Reenie B  8/7/19  9:02 am
End Conversion Therapy Licensing Private Citizen  8/7/19  8:02 am
Ban conversión therapy Daniel Vélez  8/7/19  7:22 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Rebecca P Gibney  8/7/19  6:53 am
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC1 25 - 20 , on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Silvia Park, American Atheists  8/7/19  6:27 am
Conversion Therapy Curtis Smith  8/7/19  4:18 am
Ban conversion therapy Scott Harvey  8/7/19  1:26 am
Ban conversion therapy Dr. Jallen Rix  8/7/19  12:41 am
Let Counselors Give Patients Any Counseling They Desire Joseph Ellena  8/7/19  12:33 am
Twofold Support of this Regulation Adam Trimmer, Born Perfect  8/7/19  12:12 am
Conversion Therapy Sabine Balden  8/7/19  12:11 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Kathy Andrew  8/6/19  11:22 pm
Act to Ban Conversion Therapy William W. Snidow  8/6/19  9:59 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Lance  8/6/19  9:30 pm
Urge caution in making a decision Karen W. Leffel  8/6/19  7:29 pm
Support Amendment & Ban Conversion Therapy Eric Santiago (AA VA Assistant State Dir., B.A. Inc. VP)  8/6/19  5:21 pm
Conversion Therapy is harmful -- Support this change David Moore  8/6/19  5:07 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Willow Woycke  8/6/19  4:22 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding 18VAC140?20 Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign  8/6/19  3:52 pm
Caution on Regulatory Approach M Dalton  8/6/19  2:43 pm
This is who I am! Herb Grant  8/6/19  2:38 pm
Homosexuality is not a mental illness Anne Haak  8/6/19  2:16 pm
Please ban so-called “conversion therapy” for minors under 18 Jay Timmons  8/6/19  11:48 am
Stop Conversion Therapy!! Rachelle Lisa Kaufmann  8/5/19  11:00 pm
Freedom for Therapists and Parents should be affirmed NOT denied! Janet Holloway  8/5/19  10:24 pm
Please help Ban conversion Therapy for under are youth Matthew DeGrave  8/5/19  9:08 pm
Conversion Therapy Chet and Barbara Walrod  8/5/19  6:33 pm
Conversation therapy Abigail Carter  8/5/19  2:19 pm
conversion therapy is wrong lisa rogerson  8/5/19  1:45 pm
Protect Personal Freedom of Individual Seeking Therapy and Professional Freedom of Therapist GEORGE GOUNLEY  8/5/19  11:41 am
Conversion "therapy" attacks personal and social well-being Michael Airhart  8/5/19  10:54 am
No conversion therapy Olivia hall  8/5/19  10:34 am
Opposition to forced regulatory ban Andrew Jones  8/5/19  9:41 am
No Conversion Therapy Susan Layman  8/5/19  9:22 am
Do not support this practice Sara Woodington  8/5/19  9:02 am
ban so-called "conversion therapy," especially for minors Richard Rutherford  8/4/19  2:56 pm
Conversion Therapy Harry Groot  8/4/19  2:36 pm
Stop conversion therapy Anne Glenn, Humanist  8/4/19  1:46 pm
Conversion therapy is NOT a choice! Annie Hamel  8/4/19  1:02 pm
Proposed ban violates freedom of choice D. Jarvis  8/4/19  11:43 am
Ban Conversion Therapy in Virginia Lana Parsons  8/4/19  11:13 am
BAN CONVERSION THERAPY NOW! Beth Bunts  8/4/19  11:12 am
Ban conversion therapy Cory MacLauchlin  8/4/19  10:24 am
BAN CONVERSION THERAPY IN VA NOW! Nancy Morin  8/4/19  10:00 am
Respect Parental Rights Joanna Melton  8/3/19  8:22 pm
Opposition to Amending 18VAC125-20 pertaining to the practice of psychology Marianne Coates  8/3/19  4:54 pm
Conversion (Therapy) Torture Amy Cannon  8/3/19  8:02 am
No more conversation therapy Sasha Morris  8/2/19  11:23 pm
No more abusive therapy James Drummond  8/2/19  11:20 pm
No conversion therapy Helen Miller  8/2/19  11:18 pm
Ban conversion therapy Meg Gruber  8/2/19  9:48 pm
Virginia families have the right to acquire the counseling they chose Patti Hardy  8/2/19  3:01 pm
End Conversion Therapy Elizabeth Marshall  8/2/19  1:48 pm
Ban conversion therapy, please Patricia Mitchell, First Congregational Christian, United Church of Christ  8/2/19  1:34 pm
Protect minors from clinical abuse. No sexual orientation or gender identity is a mental illness. Christine Robinson  8/2/19  12:59 pm
Ending Conversion Therapy George Marshall  8/2/19  12:31 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Melinda Collins, LCSW  8/2/19  11:22 am
No Conversion Therapy!! Jeffrey Beatman  8/2/19  9:07 am
End this torture. Teri Beasley  8/2/19  8:00 am
It is past time we outlaw the dangerous practice of so-called Conversion "Therapy" here in Virginia. Gail Christie  8/2/19  7:03 am
Let Counslers use their own judgement pryplesh  8/1/19  11:33 pm
Ban conversion therapy Dr. Kimberle Jacobs  8/1/19  11:23 pm
End Conversion Therapy in VA Dana Perkins, Citizen of VA and Parent  8/1/19  11:16 pm
End Conversion Therapy for Minors Candyce  8/1/19  11:08 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Andrea T Pitman  8/1/19  10:56 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Amanda Darvill, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, NCAC  8/1/19  10:27 pm
No more Sarah Bratt  8/1/19  8:04 pm
Conversion Therapy Karen Legato, Health Brigade, formerly Fan Free Clinic  8/1/19  7:41 pm
BAN CONVERSION THERAPY Shelton Dominici  8/1/19  5:04 pm
You got it all wrong. Stop the Conversion Therapy "Band Wagon" Lies now! Christine Birden  8/1/19  4:35 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Anne Rappe-Epperson  8/1/19  2:20 pm
Parents have the right to choose counseling if needed! Tom Dickson  8/1/19  11:35 am
End conversion therapy now! Susannah Bishop  8/1/19  10:58 am
Conversion therapy is dangerous Pam Webb  8/1/19  10:17 am
Conversion Therapy Heather Nees  8/1/19  8:49 am
Protect freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Thomas Palumbo  8/1/19  7:05 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Laura Davidson  8/1/19  6:43 am
Conversion “therapy” has been discredited and is harmful. It should be banned. Kristen Calleja  8/1/19  12:58 am
Conversion Therapy Stephanie Clark  8/1/19  12:55 am
Ban conversion therapy!! Katherine Drummond  7/31/19  11:04 pm
Conversion therapy = abuse Kristen gartland  7/31/19  10:39 pm
Please Defend Parental Rights Monica S.  7/31/19  8:52 pm
Please continue to implement regulations against conversion therapy for minors Deborah Hawkins, LMFT  7/31/19  6:48 pm
Support Parental Rights Sheila Jenkins  7/31/19  3:04 pm
Protect Virginia youth from the grave consequences of conversion therapy Melanie Kiser  7/31/19  11:37 am
Do not infringe parental rights Nancy S Pendergrass, MPH, RDN  7/31/19  9:57 am
I oppose amending Regulations Governing the Practice of Social Work [18 VAC 140 ? 20) Christopher Martini  7/30/19  10:01 pm
Oppose amending 18 VAC-140-20 regarding Social Work Ann Smith  7/30/19  8:55 pm
Government should Not overstep their boundaries Pam Watkins  7/30/19  1:03 pm
Protect Parental Rights Clarence E.Arnold  7/30/19  1:42 am
Parental Rights Mark Menotti  7/29/19  1:46 pm
Protect parental rights and stop censorship in counseling. Gordon Goetz  7/29/19  11:34 am
Rights of Parents Craig Mays  7/29/19  9:50 am
Defend parental rights and protect children in need Robert Lee  7/28/19  9:21 pm
Protect the freedom and rights of Virginia families Edward Krattli  7/28/19  2:50 pm
Respect parents, citizens and elected officials Maureen Barrett  7/28/19  12:56 pm
Regulatory Ban on Conversion Therapy Edward White  7/27/19  11:18 pm
Please respect the rights of your citizens John Miller  7/27/19  10:02 pm
Protect Parents' Rights to make Decisions about their own Children's Care, Upbringing and Education Carmencita B. Clay  7/27/19  4:18 pm
Protect parents' rights to make decisions regarding their children's upbringing, education and care Charles A. Huber  7/27/19  2:49 pm
Protect parental rights regarding upbringing, education and care Sue A. Huber  7/27/19  2:45 pm
Protect parental rights Susana Lee  7/27/19  2:16 pm
Parental Choice in Counseling Mary and Roger Ritter--Virginia Catholic Conference  7/27/19  1:38 pm
Parents should have the authority to decide for the children, Mary  7/27/19  12:21 pm
Oppose Amending 18VAC140-20, Regulations Governing the Practice of Social Work Pamela Wilgus  7/27/19  9:42 am
Parents' rights and responsibilities lawrence zenker  7/27/19  7:25 am
support parental rights Rebecca Ing  7/26/19  11:26 pm
Opposition to adding the provisions of Guidance Document 125-9 to 18VAC125-20. Martha Dreon  7/26/19  10:28 pm
Stop the ban Mimi A  7/26/19  8:37 pm
PARENTAL RIGHTS Cat Spinelli  7/26/19  8:31 pm
parental Rights. Rita Poranski  7/26/19  8:24 pm
Protect Parental Rights John Buczacki  7/26/19  6:45 pm
Parental rights Jacqueline Manapsal  7/26/19  4:41 pm
Social work should be confined to Disfunctional Family Situations John H Fittz  7/26/19  4:36 pm
In opposition of ban. Karla Taylor  7/26/19  3:10 pm
Conversion Therapy Thomas J Duncam  7/26/19  3:06 pm
parental right Gerald Kuhn  7/26/19  2:53 pm
Do not ban requested therapy Irene Maria DiSanto  7/26/19  2:08 pm
Parental rights to obtain sexual counseling for their minor children Kieran Carter  7/26/19  2:05 pm
Comments Opposing the Proposed Amendment of 18VAC125-20 Regulations governing the Practice of psych Thomas F. Griffin, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret)  7/26/19  1:59 pm
do not harm parental rights NL  7/26/19  1:53 pm
Parental rights Beth Martini  7/26/19  1:26 pm
Regulatory Action is Unconstitutionaland Misguided Dennis Huyck  7/26/19  1:06 pm
This ban is misguided and unconstitutional Chris Russo  7/26/19  1:00 pm
Unprofessional Conduct/Practice of Conversion Therapy Robert Brever Jr  7/26/19  1:00 pm
excluding parents is an abomnation of the Childs care and really child ABUSE mike herrick, catholic conference of va  7/26/19  12:53 pm
Parents' involvement in a child's life is crucial Carolynn Nguyen  7/26/19  12:26 pm
Oppose Amending 18VAC140-20, Regulations Governing the Practice of Social Work Jeff Caruso, Virginia Catholic Conference  7/24/19  4:14 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation, on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Carol Schall  7/24/19  3:30 pm
Stop Conversion Therapy Peg Ruggiero, MSW  7/16/19  7:18 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC1 25 - 20 , on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Larry Mendoza, State Director: American Atheists  7/11/19  12:08 pm
Regarding Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC140-20 Aiden Barnes, Southeastern Virginia Atheists, Skeptics, & Humanists  7/9/19  3:21 pm
Re:      Support for the NOIRA on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Equality Virginia  7/9/19  3:04 pm
In support of proposed regulations in ethically and responsibly serving our LGBTQ Youth Carrie Lynn Bailey, 3 Little Birds Counseling LLC  7/9/19  1:33 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Shirley Carley, Free Mom Hugs, VA  7/9/19  1:08 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Now! Colleen LaClair  7/9/19  9:15 am
Coversion Therapy is Abusive Mary Mullins  7/8/19  8:01 pm
Ban conversion therapy Elizabeth Harvey  7/8/19  7:23 pm
The Trevor Project Supports the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC140-20 Casey Pick, The Trevor Project  7/8/19  6:23 pm
Ban conversion therapy. Elizabeth Florek  7/8/19  6:19 pm

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