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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Amendment to requirements for supervisors to include licensed clinical social workers

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CLOSED     Opened on 3/11/2024 and Ended on 4/1/2024

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Comment Title Commenter
Strongly Oppose Shana  4/1/24  10:02 pm
No Thank You Susan Klemmer, M.Ed.  4/1/24  7:33 pm
Opposed to this Petition Rebecca Hogg, LPC, LSATP  4/1/24  7:21 pm
It's a No From Me... LASC - Counseling Student/Intern  4/1/24  7:07 pm
Cannot oppose strongly enough H Tracy  4/1/24  5:53 pm
Opposing this petition Wendy F Rood, Resident in Counseling  4/1/24  4:14 pm
Currently, Strong Opposition Ashlea H.  4/1/24  3:44 pm
It is important that Counselors maintain their professional identity Brian T. Lusk  4/1/24  3:24 pm
Strongly oppose Brittany Hall  4/1/24  1:48 pm
oppose this Anonymous (222459)  4/1/24  1:30 pm
Absolutely and Emphatically NO Sharon Watson,¬†LPC, LMFT, LSATP, NCC, ACS  4/1/24  5:13 am
Concerns from an Upcoming LPC KV  4/1/24  12:12 am
Oppose this Tara Cothren, LPC  4/1/24  12:03 am
Oppose SRB  3/31/24  4:00 pm
Lets Keep the Counselor Identity Clear Patricia Kimball, LPC-S, PhD CES  3/31/24  2:08 pm
Strongly Oppose Leslie Stachelski, LPC  3/31/24  11:10 am
Counseling Intern Opposed to this Petition SK  3/30/24  6:24 pm
Opposed Counseling Intern NL  3/30/24  5:54 pm
Hold Your Horses, Bub. Counseling Intern, MK  3/29/24  8:23 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Karen Melcho, Resident in Counseling  3/29/24  2:57 pm
Oppose Mike H.  3/28/24  11:39 pm
Strongly Oppose Lauren, Masters in Counseling Student  3/28/24  3:55 pm
In Support Counseling Intern, SZ  3/28/24  2:40 pm
Reject Amendment Karen Sray, Counseling Intern  3/28/24  2:20 pm
LCSW supervising Residents in Counseling Valeda Hall  3/28/24  1:55 pm
I oppose Bonnie Murphy  3/28/24  1:40 pm
Strongly oppose this proposed amendment. Marqeatta Hairston  3/28/24  1:36 pm
I dissent Anonymous (222433)  3/28/24  1:35 pm
Reject the proposed amendment Helen I Runyan  3/28/24  1:24 pm
In Firm Opposition of this Proposal Allysa Orr  3/28/24  1:23 pm
Very strongly oppose this proposal Mackenzie Black  3/28/24  1:18 pm
Strongly Oppose Mia L, PhD  3/28/24  12:36 pm
Reject Current Petition Eric J. Camden, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS  3/28/24  12:30 pm
Reject Proposal Dr. Naomi Wheeler, LPC  3/28/24  12:08 pm
I strongly support this amendment and believe it would open more options for supervision. Jennie  3/28/24  10:25 am
Oppose supervision unless there has been additional training to supervise LPC's Anonymous (222425)  3/28/24  10:13 am
I oppose this amendment (protect Counselor Professional Identity) Justin Jordan PHD LPC LSATP- Longwood University  3/28/24  9:34 am
Oppose This Ammendment Ashley Laws  3/28/24  9:25 am
Do not give Social Workers the power to supervise counselors Dr Mary Olufunmilayo Adekson  3/28/24  6:03 am
Oppose this amendment Anonymous (222421)  3/28/24  12:43 am
support of licensed psychologists and licensed social workers but not just LSW to supervise anonymous (222420)  3/27/24  10:41 pm
Reject this proposal Anonymous (222416)  3/27/24  7:08 pm
Maintain Specialized Supervision Dr. Ashlee Lakin, LPC, NCC  3/27/24  6:33 pm
Reject this Petition: LCSW as Supervisor for LPC resident Rhonda Ladd, PhD, LPC  3/27/24  4:31 pm
Reject this proposal John P. Duggan, EdD, LPC, LSATP  3/27/24  3:52 pm
Oppose Chelsea Trump  3/27/24  3:26 pm
Vote No Philip Saphos  3/27/24  3:17 pm
Comment on supervisory requirements Anonymous (222401)  3/27/24  3:14 pm
No Matthew Armes  3/27/24  2:49 pm
Reject this Proposal Dr. John Harrichand, LPC-S  3/27/24  2:45 pm
Reject This Petition Brittany Sager-Heinichs  3/27/24  2:28 pm
LCSWs supervising counselors Dr. Ed Neukrug, Old Dominion University Counseling Program  3/26/24  8:54 pm
Proposal Rejection KL  3/26/24  8:42 pm
Concerns from an Upcoming LPC JR  3/26/24  5:34 pm
The Chi Sigma Iota Executive Council Strongly Opposes the Proposed Amendment Chi Sigma Iota  3/26/24  8:40 am
Support expanded supervision options Jenna  3/25/24  1:51 pm
Access to high quality supervision is critical for workforce development anonymous counselor educator  3/25/24  1:36 pm
Re: Counseling Compact, No Contradiction William Moncure, M.A., Doctoral Student  3/25/24  1:14 pm
REJECT this proposal Aimee Brickner, Ph.D, LPC  3/25/24  12:10 pm
Reject this proposal Dr. Suzanne Dugger  3/23/24  11:47 am
A really bad idea for the profession Dr. Bryce Hagedorn  3/22/24  8:32 pm
Clinical Licensure Supervision of LPC Residents by LCSW'a Cinda Caiella, LMFT  3/22/24  3:45 pm
In opposition toward this amendment Paul, LPC  3/22/24  12:45 pm
Residency Supervision Requirements Stephanie Rutledge  3/22/24  10:01 am
SW supervision of LPC is contrary to Counseling Compact Liberty Univ.  3/22/24  8:11 am
Maintain specialized supervision Dr. Cynthia Doney, Liberty University  3/21/24  9:52 pm
Supervision Requirements for Counseling Residents Stephanie Dailey  3/21/24  5:24 pm
Residency Calvin  3/21/24  9:39 am
LCSW supervisors are NOT under the purview of the Board of Counseling Johnston M Brendel  3/19/24  12:27 pm
Licensing supervision R.C. Berry, LCSW, CSAC, ADS  3/18/24  5:23 pm
Supervision for eligible candidates Natasha Curry, LCSW  3/18/24  10:01 am
Knowledge gained under LCSW Demetre Curry  3/17/24  11:01 pm
Supervision Anonymous (222318)  3/16/24  12:13 pm
Support broader supervision options MICHAEL T GREELIS PhD LPC, LMFT, Approved Clinical Supervisor  3/15/24  1:52 am
absolutely not Erin Guthrie, LPC, RN  3/13/24  11:00 pm
Support for Expanded Supervision Options Bridget  3/13/24  9:05 pm
Support for LCSW Supervision Eileen Barnett  3/13/24  9:08 am
Support expansion of eligible supervisors Lindsay  3/13/24  6:41 am
Supervision options Olivia  3/12/24  11:16 pm
Support - Improve Reciprocity, Embrace Interprofessionalism, Consider Options for Implementation William Moncure, M.A. in Clinical Counseling; Doctoral Student  3/12/24  9:33 pm
Supervision Anonymous (222289)  3/12/24  8:47 pm
Supervision Options Anonymous (222288)  3/12/24  8:42 pm
Support for expanding the supervision options for securing the LPC credential Christine Reid  3/12/24  6:19 pm
Support for petition with reservations Justin Sheets  3/12/24  6:11 pm
Reject this proposal Suzan Thompson  3/12/24  6:05 pm
Support for Petition Brad Carmichael  3/12/24  3:15 pm
Public Comment related to LCSW supervising LPC residents Charlotte Markva  3/11/24  7:15 pm

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