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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Hours of residency in counseling

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CLOSED     Opened on 4/3/2017 and Ended on 5/3/2017

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Comment Title Commenter
The rule change is needed P. Senzara/Fairfax County CSB  5/2/17  5:20 pm
I support this petition L. Cummings  4/30/17  9:57 am
The rule need to be changed Robert Humphrey, GMC retired  4/16/17  1:17 am
This rule change is necessary Wise Family  4/14/17  4:55 pm
I would like to support the petition Lillian Walker Shelton  4/11/17  9:44 am
Support of the Petition Dr. Kim Van Wart Ed.D, LPC  4/7/17  8:09 pm
Change the rules A. Austin  4/6/17  7:56 pm
Support practicum and internship hours from CACREP Doctoral programs for hours toward residency WC  4/5/17  10:38 pm
Accept Doctoral Supervision Hours Victoria's Collections  4/5/17  7:18 pm
Support Doctoral Students seeking their LPC K.Holmes  4/5/17  7:15 pm
Please accept residency and supervision hours from CACREP accredited Doctoral counseling programs. V.H.  4/4/17  6:01 pm
CACREP Supervisor Hours Gen' R LLC  4/4/17  4:30 pm
Supervised Hours for CACREP Program automotiveMastermind, Inc.  4/4/17  4:08 pm

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