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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Amendment to definition of surgery

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CLOSED     Opened on 11/2/2015 and Ended on 12/2/2015

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Leave This to Veterinarians Lee Henkel  12/2/15  9:10 pm
I support Molly Riley, LVT, Sycamore Veterinary Hospital  12/1/15  11:39 pm
Gingival closure Christina Martin  12/1/15  8:12 pm
In support Valerie Tyree LVT - Gretna Animal Clinic  12/1/15  2:06 pm
In support of Kim Hunter- Hotdoghill Sanctuary  12/1/15  9:08 am
Suturing Gingival Tissue Ellen M. Carozza LVT - NOVA CAT CLINIC  12/1/15  8:16 am
In support Taryn Singleton, LVT  12/1/15  7:28 am
against allowing LVT’s to close gingival flaps Thomas P. Chamberlain MS, DVM, DAVDC  11/30/15  8:28 pm
In suport Mark R. Finkler, D.V.M. Roanoke Animal Hospital  11/22/15  9:22 pm
In Support of the Petition Dr. Marsha Pollock - Centreville Animal Hospital  11/9/15  5:42 pm
In support: Deborah Akers, LVT, VTS (Anes&Analgesia), VMCVM  11/9/15  3:06 pm
In support Jeremy Hansford  11/9/15  6:23 am
In support of LVTs suturing gingival flaps Rachel stephens, LVT. Caring Hands Animal Hospital  11/8/15  7:58 pm
Ginival flaps sutured by LVTs Perry Ritchie, LVT, Strawbridge Animal Care.  11/6/15  1:44 pm
Yes gingival flap closure should be allowable for Licensed Veterinary Technicians in the state of Vi Destiny Coleman, VMD Centreville Animal Hospital  11/6/15  11:53 am
LVTs should be allowed to suture gingival flaps Dianna Thornton, Caring Hands Animal Hospital  11/5/15  11:39 pm
Highly trained LVT's should be able to suture gingival flaps. Cheryl Dellinger, LVT  11/5/15  11:10 pm
Makes since to me if technicians can close the skin Thomas Blaszak  11/5/15  9:31 pm
No, this is a terrible idea. If gingival flaps aren't surgery then what is? Allison Robbins  11/5/15  10:46 am
definition of surgery Peter G Fisher, DVM  11/4/15  4:32 pm
gingival flaps Crystal Taylor, Centreville Animal Hospital  11/4/15  2:16 pm
I am supportive of having LVT's suture gingival flaps Jennifer Heatherly, Caring Hands Animal Hospital  11/4/15  8:11 am
surgery amendment Shirley Binting, DVM  11/3/15  8:15 pm
LVTs should be allowed to close gingival flaps Dr Michael Robinson, caring hands animal hospital  11/3/15  4:08 pm
No, this opens a door that can't be closed Meredith McGrath, Animal Care Center of floyd  11/3/15  3:03 pm
Amendment change Animal Dental Clinic  11/3/15  2:09 pm
I don't believe LVT's should do this procedure Karen J. Thomason DVM, BlueRidge Veterinary Hospital  11/3/15  1:08 pm
LVTs should be allowed to close gingival flaps Michael Watts, DVM - Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care  11/3/15  11:35 am
In support of LVT performing gingival flap closures. Teresa Bracy, DVM  11/3/15  11:32 am
LVT suturing gingival flaps. Leesburg Veterinary Hospital  11/3/15  11:26 am
Gingival Flap Closures Karen Thomas Kolber, LVT  11/3/15  11:21 am
surgery and LVTs richard freedman albemarle veterinary healthcare center  11/3/15  11:13 am
gingival flap Centreville Animal Hospital  11/3/15  11:12 am

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