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[Repealed] Regulations Governing Dental Practice [18 VAC 60 ‑ 20]
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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Acceptance of dental programs accredited by CDAC (Canada)

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CLOSED     Opened on 5/18/2015 and Ended on 6/9/2015

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Accepting Canadian Accredited Colleges Jillian Caswell RDH  6/9/15  11:42 pm
Supporting Acceptance of CDAC accredited schools as equivalent Nada Albatish, DDS  6/9/15  10:53 pm
Acceptance of Dental Programs accredited by CDAC Anne-Marie Conaghan, Georgian College  6/9/15  2:43 pm
Acceptance of Canadian Trained Dental Hygienists Oxana Arkhitko, DDS  6/8/15  9:08 pm
Acceptance of dental programs accredited by CDAC (Canada) Tanya Rygersberg RDH (Self Initiated)  6/8/15  8:52 pm
CODA Comment on Proposed Amendment to 18VAC60-20-60 Sherin Tooks, EdD, MS, Director, Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)  6/8/15  1:28 pm
Dental Hygienist Licensing Kristin Golden  6/7/15  10:49 am
Acceptance of dental programs accredited by the CDAC (Canada) Rebekah Bholat RDH  6/7/15  10:08 am
Dental Hygiene Eligibility Elizabeth Say  6/5/15  11:07 am
Georgian College 2nd to None Anna Hurd Self Initiating RDH  6/3/15  9:46 pm
Petition Laura Bowers  6/3/15  9:28 pm
dental hygiene in VA Carly smith  6/2/15  6:13 pm
Dental hygiene in VA Alexandra Alousis, RDH  6/2/15  6:00 am
CDAC ACCREDITED COLLEGES Christina Dodok, RDH, Toronto, Canada  6/2/15  12:10 am
Dental Hygiene in Virginia Teegan Todd RDH  6/1/15  10:57 pm
Dental Hygiene Eligibility Maryam Rohani, RDH  5/31/15  7:13 pm
Recognizing CDAC accredited colleges Lisa Blythe, RDH (Ontario, Canada)  5/29/15  6:18 pm
Acceptance of dental programs accredited by the CDAC (Canada) Amarah Benny  5/29/15  6:07 pm
Dental Hygiene Eligibility Bruce Svechota-Kingsbury, DDS  5/21/15  8:39 pm
registered dental hygienist. Terri slitor  5/21/15  12:33 pm
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