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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Art therapist as supervisor for residents

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CLOSED     Opened on 3/10/2014 and Ended on 4/9/2014

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Comment Title Commenter
Art Therapists as qualified LPC supervisors Stephanie Kurtyka, The George Washington University Art Therapy Program  4/9/14  11:19 pm
In favor of art therapists as eligible supervisors for LPC candidates Stephanie Tyler  4/9/14  10:53 pm
Art Therapists as Supervisors C.3 in 18VAC-115-20-10 Whitney Maclin  4/9/14  7:24 pm
Virginia Board of Counseling requesting that registered art therapists be considered qualified super E Owens, Heartland Alliance  4/9/14  2:16 pm
LPC/ATR reciprocation a needed change Lacy Mucklow, Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital  4/9/14  12:40 pm
Art therapists as qualified LPC supervisors Eileen McKee, MA, ATR  4/9/14  12:26 pm
A critical adaptation Susan A Lee  4/8/14  10:45 pm
Reform Necessary for Art Therapists Seeking LPC Supervision Kathryn Martin, Tracy's Kids  4/8/14  4:32 pm
Please Consider Art Therapy supervisors for LPC hours Amy Greenough, MA, ATR-BC  4/7/14  2:10 pm
Art Therapists as Supervisors for LPC Hours Todd Stonnell, MA- Art Therapist  4/7/14  12:12 pm
Art Therapists as Qualified Supervisors for LPC Licensure Nisha Tracy, The George Washington University Art Therapy Program  4/5/14  2:08 pm
ATR for LPC Supervisors Aliya Robbins, Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery and Education  4/5/14  1:15 pm
Art Therapists as Supervisors for LPC hours Sarah Huffman, The George Washington University, Art Therapy  4/3/14  9:14 pm
Add art therapists to supervise LPC hours Elizabeth Hlavek, LCPAT, ATR-BC  3/30/14  8:18 pm
Art therapists need to be included in the list of legal supervisors for LPC Chia-Hua Lu  3/27/14  8:43 pm
Supervision for LPC hours, with registered art therapists. Jade Dawson, Art Therapy graduate student, George Washington University  3/27/14  12:02 pm
Amending C.3. in 18 VAC 115-20-10 adding Anne Mills, MA, ATR-BC, LPC  3/27/14  8:59 am
LPC candidates should be allowed to be supervised by qualified Art Therapists Jennifer Baldwin, MA, LCPAT, ATR-BC  3/26/14  3:47 pm
Professional Supervision for Art Therapists attaining LPC Sarah Pitkin, Art Therapist  3/26/14  1:36 pm
Consideration of Art Therapists for LPC supervision Nancy Parfitt Hondros  3/26/14  11:18 am
Please add Art Therapists as LPC supervisors for first 100 hours Heather Stemas, M Ed, ATR-BC  3/26/14  10:24 am
Art Therapists Qualified to Supervise for LPC Hours Nora Stinley, Art Therapist  3/26/14  10:19 am
Art therapists as supervisors for LPC hours Hannah Phillips, George Washington University Art Therapy  3/17/14  10:50 am
The Board should add art therapist to the list of professionals who can supervise the first 100 hour Gioia Chilton, MA, ATR, Ph.D.  3/13/14  10:00 am
Excellent clinical supervision. Becky Jacobson, Art Therapist  3/13/14  7:28 am

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