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Repeal Rules Relating to Compulsory Minimum Training Standards ...
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6VAC20-40-10. Definitions. (Repealed.)

The following words and terms when used in this chapter shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

"Agency administrator" means any chief of police, sheriff, or agency head of a local or state law-enforcement agency.

"Board" means the Criminal Justice Services Board.

"Department" means the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

"Director" means the chief administrative officer of the department.


6VAC20-40-20. Compulsory minimum training standards. (Repealed.)

Pursuant to the provisions of § 9-170(4) of the Code of Virginia, the board establishes the following as the compulsory minimum training standards for undercover investigative officers:


1. Legal matters:




Introduction to criminal law








Search and seizure




Rules of evidence




Laws of arrest




Surveillance techniques




Conspiracy laws




Management of informants



2. Report writing




Total Classroom Hours



3. Firearms (If applicable, refer to 6VAC20-40-60, Range Firing and Minimum Qualification Required)


6VAC20-40-30. Applicability. (Repealed.)

A. Every person employed as a full-time law-enforcement officer, as defined by § 9-169.9 of the Code of Virginia and prior to the officer's assignment as an undercover investigative officer must meet the compulsory minimum training standards, herein established by the board.

B. Those officers who have satisfactorily completed the law-enforcement compulsory minimum training standards and are in compliance with all applicable rules promulgated by the board are exempt from attending this course.


6VAC20-40-40. Time requirement for completion of training. (Repealed.)

All persons designated as an undercover investigative officer must complete either the compulsory minimum training standards for law-enforcement officers or the compulsory minimum training standards for undercover investigative officers prior to undercover assignment.


6VAC20-40-50. Certification and administrative requirements. (Repealed.)

A. Upon completion of training and termination of the undercover assignment, the agency administrator shall certify to the director that the officer, prior to service in the undercover assignment, complied with the rules and regulations as promulgated by the board. Such certification shall include, but not be limited to, the date(s) of training, range qualification scores, if applicable, and a certification from the instructor(s) of the program, that the officer has complied with these requirements with a demonstrated degree of proficiency.

B. All instructors will be required to present, at a minimum, the minimum training as set forth in the course resumes and performance objectives provided by the board.

C. It will be the duty of each instructor to insure each officer completes all segments of training.


6VAC20-40-60. Firearms training. (Repealed.)

A. The following firearms training will be applicable if in the performance of duty, the necessity to possess or carry a firearm is a requirement of the position.

1. Nomenclature and care of handgun;

2. Safety (on the firearms range, on duty and off duty);

3. Legal responsibilities and liabilities of firearms;

4. Handgun (handling, firing principles);

5. Dry firing (application of basic shooting principles);

6. Prequalification shooting (150 rounds, minimum);

7. Virginia Modified Double Action Course (70% minimum qualification required);

8. Qualification (70% minimum required) on one of the following record courses:

a. Modified Tactical Revolver Course

b. Modified Practical Pistol Course

c. Virginia Modified Combat Course I

d. Virginia Modified Combat Course II

e. Virginia Modified Double Action Course for Semi-Automatic Pistols

9. Familiarization with the police shotgun

a. 20 rounds required, shoulder and hip position

Special weapons as required by locale