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Amendment to Repeal Transporter Registration Requirements
Stage: Fast-Track

9VAC20-120-280. Containment and cleanup procedures.

Following a spill of regulated medical waste or its discovery, the following procedures shall be implemented:

1. Take appropriate precautions to ensure personnel do not come into contact with any contaminants by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

2. Repackage spilled waste in accordance with the packaging requirements in 9VAC20-120-210.

3. Transport any regulated medical waste by a transporter registered in accordance with the provisions of 9VAC20-120-480, Registration of transporters that meets the requirements of Part VI (9VAC20-120-400 et seq.) of this chapter.

4. Clean and disinfect any areas having been contacted by regulated medical wastes. Materials used to decontaminate the area will be disinfectants effective against mycobacteria.

5. Take necessary steps to replenish containment and cleanup kit.


9VAC20-120-480. Registration of transporters. (Repealed.)

A. Prior to transporting any regulated medical waste within the Commonwealth, all transporters must register with the Department of Environmental Quality. Registration shall consist of filing the data specified in subsection B of this section, in written form, and the department will issue a registration number to the transporter. No regulated medical waste shall be transported until the registration number is issued. Transporter shall notify the generator of the waste of his registration number when he collects the waste.

B. Data to be submitted by persons wishing to register as a transporter of regulated medical waste shall be as follows:

1. Name of the person or firm.

2. Business address and telephone number of person or firm. Include headquarters and local office.

3. Make, model and license number of each vehicle to be used to transport regulated medical waste within the Commonwealth.

4. Name, business address and telephone number of each driver who will operate in the Commonwealth.

5. Areas (counties and cities) of the Commonwealth in which the transporter will operate.

6. a. Any person or firm other than reported in subdivision 1 of this subsection that is associated with the registering firm or any other name under which that person or firm does business.

b. Any other person or firm using any of the same vehicles and operators.

7. The name and phone number of a person who may be contacted in the event of an accident or release.

8. A copy of the signed certification statement as follows:

I, (Full Name of Chief Executive), am chief executive officer of (Legal Name Of Firm) and do hereby affirm that all the information provided in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge; and I further affirm that neither this firm, any antecedent firm to this firm, or any of the officers of this or antecedent firms has been convicted of a felony in any state.

C. Within 30 calendar days following the change of any data in subsection B of this section, the transporter shall notify the department of that change. Failure to notify the department nullifies the registration and invalidates the registration number. When the transporter changes legal name, corporate ownership, or the chief executive officer, he shall notify the department within 30 days of such a change. Upon receiving such a notification, the department will revoke the old registration and reissue a new registration based on the new information.

D. Use of a false or invalid registration number is prohibited.

Note: All filings of data and requests for registration number and issuance of a registration number shall be in writing.


9VAC20-120-490. Transport by mail.

Transport of regulated medical waste by the United States Postal Services that fully complies with 39 CFR 111 shall be considered to be transportation by a registered transporter and in compliance with this chapter if:

1. The generator maintains a complete and legible copy of the manifest or mail disposal service shipping record for a period of three years (Note: disposer's certification and other tracking items must be completed and shown on the copy);

2. The addressee is a facility permitted by all the appropriate agencies of the Commonwealth of Virginia or the host state; and

3. No package may be more than 35 pounds by weight.