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Amend Private Well Regulations to Comply with Statutory Changes
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12VAC5-630-271. Express geothermal well permits.

A. The issuance of an express geothermal permit is contingent upon proper registration and payment of application fees and applies to the construction of wells used solely for a closed-loop geothermal heating system.

B. A single application and a single fee are required for any geothermal well system. The fee is the same as for a single private well. A registration statement for closed loop construction permitting shall be made on a form provided and approved by the division. The registration shall include the following information:

1. The property owner's name, address, and telephone number;

2. The address of and directions to the property;

3. The proposed use of the well;

4. The name, address, telephone number, and contractor license number of the well driller;

5. A statement signed by the property owner granting the department access to the site for the purpose of inspecting the property and the well during and after the well installation until the well is approved by the department or any required corrections are made;

6. A site plan, drawn to scale, showing the proposed well site or sites, property boundaries, recorded easements, and accurate locations of actual or proposed sources of contamination (including but not limited to those listed in Table 3.1 of 12VAC5-630-380) within 100 feet of the proposed well site or sites; and

7. A statement signed by the licensed well driller that the location and construction of the well or wells will comply with the requirements of this chapter.

C. A single application fee is required for any geothermal well system, regardless of the number of wells included in the system.  The fee is the same as for a single private well.


12VAC5-630-272. Issuance of express geothermal well construction permit, inspection, and final approval.

A. Issuance of the express geothermal well permit. Upon receipt of a complete registration statement and the appropriate fee, the department will acknowledge receipt of the registration statement and issue the permit with a copy given to the contractor. The construction of the geothermal heating system may begin immediately upon submission of a complete registration statement and counter-signature denoting receipt by the department.

B. Inspection. The department, at its sole discretion, may inspect the closed-loop geothermal well any time after acceptance of the registration statement until after the installation is approved. If, upon inspection of the well, it is found that the well location does not comply with the minimum separation distances or any other provision of this chapter, no inspection statement shall be issued until the deficiencies have been corrected.

C. Final approval. Upon receipt of the Uniform Water Well Completion Report, as required in 12VAC5-630-440, and completion of any inspections deemed necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter, or unless the department has evidence to indicate that the well is not in compliance with the requirements of this chapter, the local health department will provide the owner with a statement that the wells are approved for use.


12VAC5-630-460. Recommended well Water system yields for residential use wells.

A. All private drinking water systems that utilize one or more Class III wells should shall be capable of supplying water in adequate quantity for the intended usage. Failure to provide adequate capacity may cause intermittent flows and negative pressures which may cause contamination of the system through cross connections or other system deficiencies. All Class III wells should such systems, with a capacity less than three gallons per minute, shall have a capacity to produce and store 150 gallons per bedroom per day and be capable of delivering a sustained flow of five gallons per minute per connection for 10 minutes. The system should be capable of providing at least 500 gallons per hour for at least one hour if lawns or other residential areas are to be irrigated. In general, residential use wells with yields less than 3 gallons per minute require additional storage to provide uninterrupted service during peak water use times. Systems with a capacity of three gallons per minute or more do not require additional storage.

B. The certified water well systems provider shall certify the storage capacity and the yield of the well on the Uniform Water Well Completion Report.


FORMS (12VAC5-630)

Application for Sewage Disposal and/or Water Supply Permit.

Water Supply and/or Sewage Disposal System Construction Permit.

Application for: Sewage System - Water Supply, AOSE Form D (rev. 7/07).

Application for Express Class IV Well Construction Permit.

Record of Inspection - Private Water Supply System.

Uniform Well Completion Report.

Uniform Water Well Completion Report.

Registration Statement for Express Geothermal Well Permit (eff. 06/12).