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Correction of regulation cite and conformity to Code
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6/8/10  4:39 PM

18VAC110-20-90. Requirements for continuing education.

A. A pharmacist shall be required to have completed a minimum of 1.5 CEUs or 15 contact hours of continuing pharmacy education in an approved program for each annual renewal of licensure. CEUs or hours in excess of the number required for renewal may not be transferred or credited to another year.

B. A pharmacy education program approved for continuing pharmacy education is:

1. One that is approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE);

2. One that is approved as a Category I Continuing Medical Education (CME) course, the primary focus of which is pharmacy, pharmacology or drug therapy; or

3. One that is approved by the board in accordance with the provisions of 18VAC110-20-100.

C. The board may grant an extension pursuant to § 54.1-3314.1 E of the Code of Virginia. Any subsequent extension shall be granted only for good cause shown.

D. Pharmacists are required to attest to compliance with CE requirements in a manner approved by the board at the time of their annual license renewal. Following each renewal period, the board may conduct an audit of the immediate past two years' CE documents to verify compliance with requirements. Pharmacists are required to maintain, for three two years following renewal, the original certificates documenting successful completion of CE, showing date and title of the CE program or activity, the number of CEUs or contact hours awarded, and a certifying signature or other certification of the approved provider. Pharmacists selected for audit must provide these original documents to the board by the deadline date specified by the board in the audit notice.

18VAC110-20-106. Requirements for continued competency.

A. A pharmacy technician shall be required to have completed a minimum of 0.5 CEUs or five contact hours of approved continuing education for each annual renewal of registration. Hours in excess of the number required for renewal may not be transferred or credited to another year.

B. An approved continuing education program shall meet the requirements as set forth in subsection B of 18VAC110-20-90 or subsection B of 18VAC110-20-100.

C. Upon written request of a pharmacy technician, the board may grant an extension of up to one year in order for the pharmacy technician to fulfill the continuing education requirements for the period of time in question. The granting of an extension shall not relieve the pharmacy technician from complying with current year requirements. Any subsequent extension shall be granted for good cause shown.

D. Original certificates showing successful completion of continuing education programs shall be maintained by the pharmacy technician for a period of three two years following the renewal of his registration. The pharmacy technician shall provide such original certificates to the board upon request in a manner to be determined by the board.

Part XVI
Controlled Substances Registration for Other Persons or Entities

18VAC110-20-690. Persons or entities authorized or required to obtain a controlled substances registration.

A. A person or entity which maintains or intends to maintain a supply of Schedule II through Schedule VI controlled substances, other than manufacturers' samples, in accordance with provisions of the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq. of the Code of Virginia) may apply for a controlled substances registration on forms approved by the board.

B. Persons or entities which may be registered by the board shall include, but not be limited to, hospitals without in-house pharmacies, nursing homes without in-house pharmacies that use automated drug dispensing systems, ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient clinics, alternate delivery sites, and emergency medical services agencies provided such persons or entities are otherwise authorized by law and hold required licenses or appropriate credentials to administer the drugs for which the registration is being sought.

C. In determining whether to register an applicant, the board shall consider factors listed in subsections A and D of § 54.1-3423 of the Code of Virginia and compliance with applicable requirements of this chapter.

1. The proposed location shall be inspected by an authorized agent of the board prior to issuance of a controlled substances registration.

2. Controlled substances registration applications that indicate a requested inspection date, or requests that are received after the application is filed, shall be honored provided a 14-day notice is allowed prior to the requested inspection date.

3. Requested inspection dates that do not allow a 14-day notice to the board may be adjusted by the board to provide 14 days for the scheduling of the inspection.

4. Any person wishing to change an approved location of the drug stock, make structural changes to an existing approved drug storage location, or make changes to a previously approved security system shall file an application with the board and be inspected consistent with subsection B of this section.

5. Drugs shall not be stocked within the proposed drug storage location or moved to a new location until approval is granted by the board.

D. The application shall be signed by a person who will act as a responsible party for the controlled substances. The responsible party may be a prescriber, nurse, pharmacist, or pharmacy technician for alternate delivery sites or other person approved by the board who is authorized to administer or otherwise possess the controlled substances for that type entity.

E. The board may require a person or entity to obtain a controlled substances registration upon a determination that Schedule II through VI controlled substances have been obtained and are being used as common stock by multiple practitioners and that one or more of the following factors exist:

1. A federal, state, or local government agency has reported that the person or entity has made large purchases of controlled substances in comparison with other persons or entities in the same classification or category.

2. The person or entity has experienced a diversion, theft, or other unusual loss of controlled substances which requires reporting pursuant to § 54.1-3404 of the Drug Control Act.

3. The person or entity has failed to comply with recordkeeping requirements for controlled substances.

4. The person or entity or any other person with access to the common stock has violated any provision of federal, state, or local law or regulation relating to controlled substances.