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8VAC20-720-80. Student fees and charges.

A. No fees or charges may be levied on any pupil by any school board unless authorized by the Board of Education or prescribed by the Code of Virginia.

B. Each local school board shall develop a policy in accordance with the requirements of the Standards of Quality, § 22.1-253.13:7 of the Code of Virginia, addressing any fees that are charged. The policy shall include the schedule of fees charged by the school division, provisions for reducing or waiving fees, and sanctions for nonpayment of fees. The policy and the fee schedule shall be provided to parents annually and posted on the school division's Web site.

C. The policy shall provide for the reduction or waiver of fees for economically disadvantaged students and students whose families are undergoing economic hardships. This shall include, but not be limited to, families receiving unemployment benefits and public assistance, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, and Medicaid; foster families caring for children in foster care; and families that are homeless.

D. School divisions shall not charge any fees that have not been approved by the local school board.

E. The fee policy and the fee schedule shall be consistent throughout the school division, although there may be different fee schedules for elementary, middle, and high schools.

F. Local school boards shall not charge fees:

1. As a condition of school enrollment, except for students who are not of school-age or who do not reside within the jurisdiction, in accordance with §§ 22.1-1 and 22.1-3 of the Code of Virginia and as provided for in § 22.1-5 of the Code of Virginia;

2. For instructional programs and activities, or materials required for instruction, except as specified in subsection G of this section;

3. For textbooks or textbook deposits; however, § 22.1-243 of the Code of Virginia permits a local school board to assess a reasonable fee or charge for lost or damaged textbooks;

4. For pupil transportation to and from school; or

5. For summer school programs or other forms of remediation required by the Standards of Quality, § 22.1-253.13:1 of the Code of Virginia.

G. Local school boards may charge fees for the following:

1. Non-mandatory services, such as parking fees or locker rental fees;

2. Non-mandatory extracurricular activities;

3. Class dues; however, class dues shall not be mandatory, and the school board shall specify the kinds of programs and activities covered by class dues;

4. Field trips or educationally-related programs that are not required instructional activities;

5. Deposits for musical instruments not required for instructional activities;

6. Distance learning classes for enrichment and not necessary to meet the requirements for a diploma;

7. Summer school, unless the classes are required for remediation as prescribed by the Standards of Quality, § 22.1-253.13:1 of the Code of Virginia;

8. Overdue or lost or damaged library books;

9. Lost or damaged textbooks, in accordance with § 22.1-243 of the Code of Virginia; however, textbooks shall be provided free of charge;

10. Consumable materials such as workbooks, writing books and drawing books; however, in accordance with § 22.1-243 of the Code of Virginia, the local school board shall develop a policy ensuring that workbooks, writing books, and drawing books are furnished to students who are unable to afford them at a reduced price or free of charge;

11. The behind-the-wheel portion of the driver's education program in accordance with § 22.1-205 of the Code of Virginia;

12. A student's pro rata share of the cost of providing transportation for voluntary extracurricular activities, in accordance with § 22.1-176 of the Code of Virginia; and

13. The preparation and distribution of official paper copies of student transcripts; however, each school board shall provide a reasonable number of copies for free before a charge is levied for additional official copies. Official electronic copies of student transcripts shall be provided for free.

H. Local school boards shall not:

1. Withhold any student's scholastic report card or diploma because of nonpayment of fees and charges, in accordance with § 22.1-6 of the Code of Virginia; or

2. Suspend or expel a student for nonpayment of fees and charges.

I. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit the school board of any county, city, or town from making supplies, services, or materials available to pupils at cost.

J. These regulations do not address the operation of school stores or fund raising activities where transactions are strictly voluntary.