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22VAC40-677-10 State response to when a local department of social services fails to provide services

A. Each county and city must provide public assistance and social services in accordance with the provisions of Subtitles II (§ 63.2-500 et seq.) and III (§ 63.2-900 et seq.) of Title 63.2 of the Code of Virginia. If any county or city, through its appropriate authorities or officers fails, refuses, or is unable to provide public assistance or social services in accordance with the Code of Virginia, and with appropriate proceedings by the State Board of Social Services as directed by § 63.2-408 of the Code of Virginia, the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services shall have the authority, to the extent allowed by federal and state law, to direct and oversee all programs set forth in Subtitles II and III for that particular county or city, including to provide for the payment of public assistance and expenditures for social services and administration.

B. The commissioner may also withhold from any county or city the entire reimbursement for administrative expenditures or any part thereof for the period of time such locality fails to operate public assistance programs or social service programs in accordance with state laws and regulations or fails to provide the necessary staff for the implementation of such programs.

C. The commissioner shall at the end of each month file with the State Comptroller and with the local governing body of such county or city a statement showing all disbursements and expenditures, including administrative expenditures, made for and on behalf of such county or city, and the State Comptroller shall from time to time as such funds become available deduct from funds appropriated by the Commonwealth, in excess of requirements of the Constitution of Virginia, for distribution to such county or city amounts required to reimburse the Commonwealth for expenditures incurred under the provisions of this section.

D. In consultation with the county or city, the commissioner shall develop a transition plan that sets the conditions under which the responsibility to direct and oversee the programs is transferred back to the county or city.

E. The commissioner shall report quarterly to the State Board of Social Services and to the local board of social services on the status of services and expenditures in the city or county as well as the progress toward developing and meeting the conditions of the transition plan.