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18VAC5-22-80. Examination.

A. In order to comply with subdivision A 1 b of ยง 54.1-4409.2 of the Code of Virginia:

1. Each section of the CPA examination must be passed by attaining a uniform passing grade established through a psychometrically acceptable standard-setting procedure approved by the board.

2. Persons may take sections of the CPA examination in any order.

3. A a. Subject to subdivision 2 b of this subsection, a person who fails a section of the CPA examination may not retake that section until the next quarter of the calendar year unless otherwise prescribed by the board.

b. The board may decide to eliminate the current restriction outlined in subdivision 2 a of this subsection and allow a person to retake sections of the CPA examination as soon as the person's grade for any previous attempt of that same section has been released.

4. 3. When a person first passes a section of the CPA examination, he the person has 18 months to pass the remaining sections. If the remaining sections are not passed within the 18-month period, the person loses credit for the first section passed, and a new 18-month period starts with the next section passed. Depending on the facts and circumstances, the board may grant additional time to pass the remaining sections provided that the waiver or deferral is in the public interest.

B. Failure to comply with the policies established by the board for conduct at the CPA examination may result in the loss of eligibility to take the CPA examination or credit for sections of the CPA examination passed. Cheating by a person in connection with the CPA examination shall invalidate any grade earned on any section of the CPA examination and may warrant expulsion from the CPA examination site and disqualification from taking the CPA examination for a specified period of time as determined by the board.

C. The board may postpone scheduled CPA examinations, the release of grades, or the issuance of licenses under the following circumstances:

1. A breach of CPA examination security;

2. Unauthorized acquisition or disclosure of the contents of a CPA examination;

3. Suspected or actual negligence, errors, omissions, or irregularities in conducting a CPA examination; or

4. Any other reasonable circumstances.

D. Prior to being considered for a Virginia license, a person shall pass an ethics examination approved by the board.