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2018 Institutional Provider Reimbursement Updates - Final Exempt
Stage: Final

12VAC30-90-45 to 12VAC30-90-49. [Reserved] Supplemental payments for state-owned nursing facilities.

A. Effective July 1, 2018, DMAS shall make supplemental payments to state-owned nursing facilities owned by a Type One hospital. Quarterly supplemental payments for each facility shall be calculated in the manner described in this section.

B. Reimbursement methodology. The supplemental payment shall equal inpatient nursing facility claim payments times the upper payment limit (UPL) gap percentage.

1. The annual UPL gap percentage is the percentage calculated where the numerator is the difference for each nursing facility between a reasonable estimate of the amount that would be paid under Medicare payment principles for nursing facility services provided to Medicaid patients calculated in accordance with 42 CFR 447.272 and what Medicaid paid for such services, and the denominator is Medicaid payments to each nursing facility for nursing facility services provided to Medicaid patients in the same year used in the numerator.

2. The UPL gap percentage will be calculated annually for each nursing facility using data for the most recent year for which comprehensive annual data are available and inflated to the state fiscal year for which payments are to be made.

3. Maximum aggregate payments to all qualifying nursing facilities shall not exceed the available UPL. If nursing facility payments for state nursing facilities would exceed the UPL, the numerator in the calculation of the UPL gap percentage shall be reduced proportionately.

C. Quarterly payments. After the close of each quarter, beginning with the July 1, 2018, to September 30, 2018, quarter, each qualifying nursing facility shall receive supplemental payments for the nursing facility services paid during the prior quarter. The supplemental payments for each qualifying nursing facility shall be calculated by multiplying Medicaid nursing facility payments paid in that quarter by the annual UPL gap percentage.


12VAC30-90-46. (Reserved.)


12VAC30-90-47. (Reserved.)


12VAC30-90-48. (Reserved.)


12VAC30-90-49. (Reserved.)