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Polygraph Examiners 2018 Temporary Fee Reduction
Stage: Final
4/5/18  10:01 AM

18VAC120-30-100. Fees.

A. All application fees for licenses and registrations are nonrefundable and shall not be prorated. The date of receipt by the department is the date that will be used to determine whether or not the fee is on time.

B. Application and examination fees must be submitted with the application for licensure. All other fees are discussed in greater detail in later sections of this chapter.

C. In the event that a check, money draft, or similar instrument for payment of a fee required by statute or regulation is not honored by the bank or financial institution named, the applicant or regulant shall be required to remit fees sufficient to cover the original fee, plus an additional processing charge set by the department.

D. The following fees listed in the table apply:






Application for Examiner's License


With application


Application for Examiner's License by Reciprocity


With application


Application for Intern Registration


With application


Application for Examiner's License by Examination


With application




With approval letter




Up to one calendar month after the expiration date on license




One to six calendar months after the expiration date on license

For renewal fees received on or before June 30, 2020, the fee shall be $20.