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Amend Regulations to Conform to Provisions of HB1777 of 2017 ...
Stage: Final

12VAC5-410-450. Psychiatric service.

A. The psychiatric service shall be under the supervision of a physician, licensed by the Board of Medicine, who meets the qualifications of the medical staff bylaws.

B. Psychiatric units shall conform to the applicable licensure requirements pursuant to 12VAC35-105.

C. Every hospital that provides inpatient psychiatric services shall establish written policies for denial of admission of medically stable patients in its psychiatric unit. The policies shall include language that:

1. If a medically stable patient is referred to a hospital's psychiatric unit and denied admission, the referring physician may request direct verbal communication with the on-call physician at the referral hospital; and

2. Prohibits on-call physicians or other hospital staff from refusing a request from the referring physician for direct verbal communication.