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Time Waiver Request
Amend the minimum airport licensing requirements, the conditional licensing process, and update proc

Since more than 180 days have passed since the end of the NOIRA stage, a Time Frame Waiver must be granted by the Governor's office.

This waiver was requested on 1/12/2012

Agency Reason: When staff originally figured the 180-day time frame for submittal of the proposed stage, staff arrived at a January 6, 2012 due date. Staff entered the new stage information, uploaded the agency background document, and submitted the action to the Office of Attorney General on January 4. On January 11, staff received a notifiction through Town Hall that the review by the Office of the Attorney General had been completed. On January 12, staff viewed the updated stage information in Town Hall and saw the note that a time waiver was needed. Staff recounted days and realized that the 180-day period for the proposed stage should have been January 3. Staff talked with DPB and learned that the 180-day time frame was for submission to DPB instead of the Office of the Attorney General. So the submission to DPB is now nine days late. Staff requests that a waiver be granted so this action can continue in a timely manner.

The request was approved on 9/4/2012

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