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Game: Falconry [4 VAC 15 ‑ 250]
Review 529
Periodic Review of this Chapter
Includes a Small Business Impact Review
Date Filed: 8/24/2000
Review Announcement

The Board will conduct it's regular biennial reviews of regulations governing fish, fishing, and wildlife diversity (i.e., wildlife other than in the contexts of hunting, trapping, or fishing) at its August 24, 2000 and October 26, 2000 meetings. The Virginia regulations subject to review and for which amendments may be adopted are:

4 VAC 15-20. Definitions And Miscellaneous: In General.
4 VAC 15-30. Definitions And Miscellaneous: Importation, Possession, Sale, Etc., Of Animals.
4 VAC 15-250. Game: Falconry.
4 VAC 15-290. Game: Permits.
4 VAC 15-320. Fish: Fishing Generally.
4 VAC 15-330. Fish: Trout Fishing.
4 VAC 15-340. Fish: Seines And Nets.
4 VAC 15-350. Fish: Gigs, Grab Hooks, Trotlines, Snares, Etc.
4 VAC 15-360. Fish: Aquatic Invertebrates, Amphibians, Reptiles, And Nongame Fish.

The Board of Game and Inland Fisheries is exempted from the Administrative Process Act (§ 9-6.14:4.1 of the Code of Virginia) in promulgating wildlife management regulations, including the length of seasons, bag limits and methods of take set on the wildlife resources within the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is required by § 9-6.14:22 to publish all proposed and final regulations.

Under Board procedures, regulatory actions occur over two sequential Board meetings. At the August 24 meeting Department of Game and Inland Fisheries' staff will present recommendations for regulatory amendments, the Board will solicit and hear comments from the public in a public hearing, and the Board then intends to propose regulations or regulation amendments. Any proposed regulatory actions (or informative summaries) subsequently will be published in the Virginia Register, made accessible through the DGIF and Virginia Regulatory Town Hall websites, and advertised in newspapers. A public comment period on the proposals commences with the Board’s action at the August 24 meeting and ends at the subsequent Board meeting, on October 26, 2000.

Adoption of any regulations or regulation amendments as final will take place at the October 26 Board meeting. The October 26 meeting will be held in Richmond and will be announced in a separate public notice.

The following opportunities for public involvement are provided:

? Pre-recommendation public meetings. Public meetings for the purpose of receiving citizen input on fish, fishing, and wildlife diversity regulations were announced and held earlier, in February and March, 2000, in multiple locations around the state.

? First public hearing. A public hearing will be held, as described above, at the August 24, 2000 Board meeting. This is the first of the two sequential Board meetings, and the one at which the Board proposes regulatory actions.

? Second public hearing. A public hearing will be held at the October 26, 2000 Board meeting. This is the second of the two Board meetings, and the one at which the Board adopts final regulations.

? Supplemental public hearings. More public hearings, or "public input meetings," to be held in September between the first and the second Board meetings, may be ordered at the discretion of the Board.

? Public comment period. A public comment period on any proposed regulatory actions will open at the time the Board proposes such regulations at its August 24 meeting, and will run until the second Board meeting on October 26. However, in order to be assured the Board will have opportunity to review them, comments need to be received by the Department no later than October 19, 2000, or seven days prior to the second Board meeting. In order to be taken into consideration, comments submitted: (a) must be in writing; (b) must be accompanied by the name, address and telephone number of the party offering the comments; (c) should state the regulatory action desired; and (d) should state the justification for the desired action. Comments submitted during the public comment period should be mailed to: Phil Smith, Regulatory Coordinator, Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, 4010 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230.

? Ongoing public comment. The Department also receives and accepts comments on a continuous basis from members of the public, outside of the specified public comment period. The public comment period described above is an additional provision, to facilitate public involvement in specific proposed regulations.
Publication Information and Public Comment Period
Published in the Virginia Register on 8/24/2000
Comment Period begins on the publication date and ends on 10/26/2000

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