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General Notice
General Notice - 5th Annual Review Report & 5-Yr Summary for the SPGP 07-SPGP-01
Date Posted: 4/26/2013
Expiration Date: 5/29/2013
Submitted to Registrar for publication: YES
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PURPOSE OF NOTICE: The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality seeks public comment on the state’s fifth annual review report and five year summary for the State Program General Permit 07-SPGP-01, granted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for the discharge of dredged or fill material in nontidal waters of the United States associated with certain residential, commercial, and institutional developments and linear transportation projects within the geographical limits of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Public comment period: April 29, 2013 to May 29, 2013.

Type of response: Public comment.

DEQ has prepared the fifth annual review report, and five year summary which is available on DEQ’s web page at, or by contacting the person named below.  The public may also review the report documents at DEQ’s central office in Richmond.  DEQ is interested in receiving public comments regarding the report and/or the overall effectiveness of the State Program General Permit (07-SPGP-01) process.

How to comment: DEQ accepts comments from the public by e-mail, fax or postal mail. All comments must include the name, address and telephone number of the person commenting and be received by DEQ within the comment period.


Contact Information
Name / Title: Steve Hardwick 
Address: 629 East Main Street
P.O. Box 1105
Richmond, 23218
Email Address:
Telephone: (804)698-4168    FAX: (804)698-4347    TDD: (804)698-4021