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Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

General Notice
Notice of Review of Regulations to Assess their Economic Impact on Small Businesses
Date Posted: 8/24/2011
Expiration Date: 10/2/2011
Submitted to Registrar for publication: YES
No comment forum defined for this notice.
 Pursuant to § 2.2-4007.1 of the Code of Virginia, theDepartment of Rehabilitative Services will review 22 VAC 30-11 Public Participation Guidelines; 22 VAC 30-20 Provision of Vocational Rehabilitation Services; 22 VAC 30-30 Provision of Independent Living Services; 22 VAC 30-40 Protection of Participants in Human Research; 22 VAC 30-50 Policies and Procedures for Administering Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Trust Fund to determine whether the regulations should be continued without change, amended, or repealed,  consistent with the stated objectives of applicable law, to minimize the economic impact of regulations on small businesses. The deadline for public comment is October 2, 2011.

Contact Information
Name / Title: Vanessa S. Rakestraw  / Policy Analyst
Address: 8004 Franklin Farms Drive
Richmond, 23229
Email Address:
Telephone: (804)662-7612    FAX: (804)662-7663    TDD: (800)464-9950