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General Notice
Water Quality Standards - Notice of Effective Date
Date Posted: 1/29/2010
Expiration Date: 3/1/2010
Submitted to Registrar for publication: NO
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On October 17, 2008, the State Water Control Board adopted revisions to the Water Quality Standards in 9VAC25-260-10, 9VAC25-260-20, 9VAC25-260-30, 9VAC25-260-50, 9VAC25-260-90, 9VAC25-260-140, 9VAC25-260-160, 9VAC25-260-170, 9VAC25-260-185, 9VAC25-260-187, 9VAC25-260-310, 9VAC25-260-350, 9VAC25-260-360, 9VAC25-260-380, 9VAC25-260-390, 9VAC25-260-400, 9VAC25-260-410, 9VAC25-260-415, 9VAC25-260-420, 9VAC25-260-430, 9VAC25-260-440, 9VAC25-260-450, 9VAC25-260-460, 9VAC25-260-470, 9VAC25-260-480, 9VAC25-260-490, 9VAC25-260-500, 9VAC25-260-510, 9VAC25-260-520, 9VAC25-260-530, 9VAC25-260-540 and deleted 9VAC25-260-155, 29VAC25-260-90 and 9VAC25-260-320. These revisions relate to water quality criteria, use designations, antidegradation and other policies related to water quality. The amendments were published in final form on February 16, 2009, Volume 25, Issue 12 of the Virginia Register to be effective upon filing notice of U.S. EPA approval with the Registrar of Regulations. The State Water Control Board has received a letter from Shawn M. Garvin, EPA Region III Regional Administrator, dated December 29, 2009, approving all of the amendments except for:

1. 9VAC25-260-310 ee, which established a special pH standard for Lake Curtis in Stafford County (also removes the ee designation in the river basin section at 9VAC25-260-390)

2. 9VAC25-260-310 ff, which established a special standard for dissolved manganese in John H. Kerr Reservoir at the Clarksville water supply intake 9 (also removes the ff designation in the river basin section at 9VAC25-260-450)

3. 9VAC25-260-310 hh, which established a special standard for maximum temperature for certain stockable trout waters, as it applies to three stream segments in the Roanoke River Basin at 9VAC25-260-450.

The effective date of the approved amendments is February 1, 2010. Copies are available online at; by calling toll free at 1-800-592-5482 ext. 4111 or local at 804-698-4121; by request to the staff contact listed below. 


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