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General Notice
Formation of a Stakeholder Group for a Regulation Concerning Prohibitions on Use of Certain Hydrofluorocarbons in Specific End-Uses
Date Posted: 11/18/2020
Expiration Date: 12/21/2020
Submitted to Registrar for publication: YES
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Chapter 1289 of the 2020 Acts of Assembly, Item 378 requires the State Air Pollution Control Board (the board) to adopt regulations to prohibit the sale, lease, rent, installation or entry into commerce in Virginia of any products or equipment that use or will use hydrofluorocarbons for the applications and end uses restricted by Appendix U and Appendix V of Subpart G of 40 C.F.R. Part 82, as those read on January 3, 2017. The 2020 Special Session I amended Item 378 to require the board to solicit input from a work group composed of extruded polystyrene boardstock and billet manufacturers located in Virginia and other relevant stakeholders to determine a feasible date by which those manufacturers should be required to comply with that proposed regulation. The board is seeking nominations for the stakeholder work group required by Item 378. Persons nominated should represent an extruded polystyrene boardstock and billet manufacturer located in Virginia, a trade group that represents extruded polystyrene boardstock and billet manufacturers located in Virginia, or other relevant stakeholders. Nominations should include the name of the nominee, the manufacturer or trade group represented, and contact information for the nominee including phone number, mailing address, and email address. Nominations must be sent by U. S. Postal Service mail or by email to the contact person below. Nominations must be received no later than December 21, 2020. Meetings of the stakeholder work group will be held in January 2021 and may be electronic-only meetings consistent with the effective Executive Orders and statutory requirements under the Governor’s declared State of Emergency. Nominees approved as members of the work group by the Director, Department of Environmental Quality will be notified by email. Meetings will be open to the public and will be announced on the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall ( at least three days before the meeting date.

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