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Title ITRM Guidance Document: Authenticators and Lifecycle Management
Document ID ALM 1.0
Summary The purpose of this document is to establish minimum specifications for authenticators and lifecycle management within an identity management system. The document assumes that the identity management system will be supported by a trust framework, compliant with Applicable Law.? The minimum specifications have been stated based on language in NIST SP 800-63B. The document defines minimum requirements, assurance levels, and privacy and security provisions for authenticators and lifecycle management. The document assumes that specific business, legal and technical requirements for authenticators will be established in the trust framework for each distinct identity management system, and that these requirements will be designed based on the Identity Assurance Level (IAL) and Authenticator Assurance Level (AAL) requirements for the system.
Effective Date 8/4/2016
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Explanation or Citations The document limits its focus to authenticators and lifecycle management. Minimum specifications for other components of an identity management system will be defined in separate IMSAC guidance documents in this series, pursuant to §2.2-436 and §2.2-437.

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