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Regulations Governing Unexcused Absences and Truancy [8 VAC 20 ‑ 730]
Action New regulations to govern the collection and reporting of truancy -related data and provide guidance on school attendance policy
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10/13/10  12:26 am
Commenter: SW


There is only a little bit of time left to help stop the ground zero mosque.  As a people we must ban together to stop this.

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10/13/10  11:13 am
Commenter: Virginia

Virginia NOIRA

Thank you for the opportunity to make this comment.  I truly believe that a potential NFL lockout could cripple our economy and we must fight against it!

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10/15/10  11:06 am
Commenter: Carrie Welch, State Farm


I think it is important we address truancy and ensure our students and their parents are held accountable for their actions.  Thank you for the information.

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10/15/10  11:10 am
Commenter: Carrie W

Try again

Looks like my comment didn't get posted.  Wish I had some insurance next time to make sure it gets done correctly.




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10/16/10  2:17 pm
Commenter: Tyler B

Well, It really depends on what the media is feeding the children

If we are trying to help our children we have to change the entire media system and even what that is teaching them.  We as adults all know that most of that media is not good for our children, with that being said, changing to media to program right things into our children then the rate of absences will decrease.  portable solar charger

You see most of the media programs children to think a certain way and if they are not told about this at an earlier age, then that is what will play out in their lifes as real and right.

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10/22/10  11:10 am
Commenter: Carrie Welch

I agree with Tyler

I just want to say that I agree with the sentiments expressed by Tyler. 

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10/25/10  12:19 am
Commenter: terminsbrokers


Excellent idea!!


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11/6/10  12:00 pm
Commenter: Peter Ben


The Obama government should be more tactical on Health Reform issues. It is because of their defeat on interim election.


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11/8/10  12:04 pm
Commenter: luke adams

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