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4/6/19  3:46 pm
Commenter: Sue Barger


As with any medical and mental health procedures, safe and effective is always part of the goal. To say no to conversion therapy as a whole is BOGUS to say the least.

As for the POLITICS surrounding this topic, let me REMIND, the US Declaration of Independence was written BEFORE the US Constitution—the first thing our Founders did in forming this nation was to declare our Creator and that our rights come from him, so by recognizing the Creator, we recognize his standards, thusly a child in the womb as a life and people are physically born male and female, stating otherwise is contrary—so, if you choose to be contrary and not recognize this Creator, please know you live in a nation that tolerates non-belief but learn to BE AS TOLERANT AND RESPECTFUL AS THE FEW EARLY AMERICANS who were contrary to the Creator but that recognized the good in the Protestant principles of Liberty and Freedom.  

Unfortunately and wrongfully, far too long the spirit of US Declaration has been divorced from the US Constitution in many arenas and especially in decision making, this must be reconciled. Thank you.

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