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Department of Environmental Quality
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2/26/23  2:36 pm
Commenter: Taysha King


Please, please put residents first and vote no to allowing diesel generators to run when the the electric grid cannot support the energy that data centers require. 
Northern VA has put the cart before the horse, do studies after we vote for them. (I literally scratched my head on this comment from the BOCS) 
I toured a SMALL data center in Gainesville and there were 40 diesel generators lined up outside this building, 40. 
I can’t imagine how many will be used for the 27,000,000+ sq ft Prince William Digital Gateway including the other data centers already being built. 
Our area is being suffocated by huge buildings that will only cause the remaining residents harm. 
Diesel is NOT healthy for adults or children with asthma or low immune systems. 
As it is, they want to run the generators at least twice a month to make sure they work….please vote no!

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