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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/28/22  12:17 pm
Commenter: Katie DeVine


I realize that our period to comment on state regulation of immunization requirements is almost up so I wanted to quickly share my own thoughts on the matter. 

First of all, no one should be coerced to have a medical treatment. The immunizations can be helpful in preventative medicine but should not be required. Offer them to families if you would like but I don’t believe it should be a mandatory requirement for education in the public school system.
That being said, a medical exemption and religious exemption should at the very least be allowed without much question. I submitted a religious exemption for my own son, and then was told I needed to fill out a paper from the doctor. What a doctor has to do with my religious exemption, I do not know, and informed the public school of the current law, which states nothing of the sort.
I also believe that parents who decide to teach their children at home, should not be pursued, went to the same regulations as the public school system. They are not a part of the same community , or in large numbers. Generally they are choosing to separate from the public system, whether it be for medical reasons, or because they don’t desire to raise their children to the same academic and moral level that the public school system is currently holding. In many states around the country , students are not required to have immunizations if they are homeschooled. In our state currently, it says that a superintendent can require notification of vaccination at any time. Parents should not have a fear of this requirement when schooling at home. Let’s get our state up-to-date with homeschooling freedoms that many other states enjoy. I am involved in homeschooling groups and have come across countless parents who are looking to move to a state that does not further the burden on homeschooling parents.

Lastly, I do not believe that the Covid vaccine should be added to the requirements for children as children are not largely affected by this illness. Why require something that may have side effects if it is not necessary? 

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