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Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Regulations for the Inspection of Pet Shops Selling Dogs or Cats [2 VAC 5 ‑ 105]
Action Promulgate regulation required by Chapter 1284 of the 2020 Acts of Assembly
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Comment Period Ended on 12/23/2022
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11/14/22  5:11 pm
Commenter: Anonymous


i know multiple people who've purchased 'pure bred' dogs and cats from pet stores whose animals end up having anywhere from mild to pretty severe health conditions due to their puppy mill/breeding facility beginnings. there are pet stores in here in virginia positioning themselves as very 'small business, mom-and-pop', when in reality they make huge profits from these sales, and have heavy influence in richmond, our capital, when the laws are made (or not) to protect these animals.

(the other issue is the unlicensed breeder. anyone can breed animals in their backyard and put up a sign. typically when you go to a breeder to adopt, you're not even allowed to see the mother of the newborn. the mother is often in bad condition- an unhealthy run down, breeding machine.)

people love their pets like family these days, and do not want to think that their kids' sweet new puppy came from unsanitary/unhealthy, inhumane beginnings with the mother still prisoner in that life, in order to bring in huge profits for pet stores.

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