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10/28/22  4:09 pm
Commenter: Natalie Schaus; University of Richmond Geography, ES, and Sociology student

Gold Mining will damage water and people's livelihoods

While there are many negative impacts of gold mining, I am most concerned about the negative impact that it will have on the water. I benefit from water coming from the James River watershed and excessive pollution from gold mining could be devastating to me and my community. However, the greatest impact will no doubt be felt by the citizens of Buckingham. Private well water that is used in Buckingham is at the greatest risk because it is not covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Without heavy testing and treatment of the water, there will likely be the presence of coliforms, E. coli, low pH (causing acidic and corrosive water), high alkalinity, and even the presence of heavy metals which would be extraordinarily damaging to local health. The addition of any new pollutants from gold mining would be nearly impossible to combat and it would be much better to not mine in the first place. The minor economic benefits that may or may not accrue are NOT worth the negative externalities that would certainly be felt by the local community.


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