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Department of Energy
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9/27/22  4:37 pm
Commenter: Haley Mayo

Why do we need to destroy more of our environment for a shiny rock?!

Our world is already in danger with pollution and deforestation. What do you think another mine will accomplish? Getting out of debt? Debt and money is made the heck up! We could be doing something so much more productive but no we’re digging up more for shiny yellow metals?! Gold is overrated and not worth as much as it used to be! Leave out natural ecosystems alone and let them heal from what’s already been done to them. Why push an already damaged world? Do something better for all of us.


We don’t need any more gold. We need to fix what we have broken. Think, you can’t live on mines and not can anything else. We owe it to ourselves and the future generations. Make a better tomorrow, not a wealthy one. They aren’t the same.

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