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10/15/21  9:48 am
Commenter: Tamara Starnes, BRBH

Requirement for a call from the Crisis Hotline to provide Mobile Crisis

Recommend removing the requirement that a call from the "the Crisis Hotline" must happen . Only being able to access mobile crisis through a call to a hotline creates barriers to helping via the mobile crisis model. Access to Mobile Crisis services should be as wide open as possible, with help being able to be initiated from multiple referral sources. 

 A few examples not going through a hotline:  

Law enforcement agency calls directly for mobile crisis help as part of a local co-responder team. These teams will likely become more prevalent in Virginia as Marcus Alert rolls out.

A client walks-in to Same Day Access at a CSB and needs mobile crisis initiated. 

A family member calls their existing therapist because their child is  threatening suicide and wont' come out of the bedroom. The therapist calls local mobile crisis team. 

A hospital calls for a pre-screening. 

A community has EMS an Law Enforcement equipped with ipads to allow telehealth directly from on scene emergency calls. EMS and LE can connect directly with a mobile crisis team for evaluation. 

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