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Department of Fire Programs
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Board Description: The Executive Director of the Department of Fire Programs is responsible for carrying out the purposes of the Virginia Department of Fire Programs as outlined in § 9.1-200 et seq. of the Code of Virginia; the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code Act (§ 27-94 et seq. of the Code of Virginia); and assisting the Virginia Fire Services Board in carrying out its responsibilities. The department is the designated state agency to receive and disburse funds available under the Fire Programs Fund (§ 38.2-401 of the Code of Virginia). Under § 9.1-203 - powers and duties of Virginia Fire Services Board - The Virginia Fire Services Board is responsible for promoting the coordination of the efforts of fire service organizations at the state and local levels. The board is responsible for ensuring the development and implementation of the Virginia Fire Prevention and Control Plan. The board is responsible for reviewing and approving a five-year statewide plan for fire education and training, as developed by the agency. The board is also responsible for approving the criteria for the disbursement of grants made from the Fire Programs Fund. The board is authorized to provide technical assistance and advice to local fire service agencies and governments; advise and recommend personnel standards for fire services personnel; and advise the agency on their statewide plan for the collection, analysis and reporting of data relating to fires in the Commonwealth. The board will also make recommendations to the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security concerning legislation affecting fire prevention and protection and the fire services organizations in Virginia. The board is authorized to evaluate all fire prevention and protection programs and make any recommendations deemed necessary to improve the level of fire prevention and protection in the Commonwealth. The board also advises the department on the Statewide Fire Prevention Code and investigates alternative means of providing financial support for volunteer fire departments. Code of Virginia, Title 9.1, Chapter 2; Title 27, Chapters 3 and 9. The department administers the Fire Programs Fund as set forth in § 38.2-401 of the Code of Virginia and as further defined by policies established in cooperation with the Fire Services Board. The department is authorized to develop regulations to certify instructors who provide fire-related training at local fire service training facilities where local Fire Programs Funds have been used to construct, improve, or expand such facilities. Code of Virginia, Title 38.2, Chapter 4. The department is authorized to develop regulations for required courses of instruction and in-service and advanced courses for local and state fire marshals and their assistants and courses for those local fire marshals authorized by their localities to have police powers. Code of Virginia, Title 27, Chapter 3; Title 36, Chapter 8. The department operates under the supervision of the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security. The department's headquarters address is 1005 Technology Park Drive, Glen Allen, VA 23059. Internet address:  
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Frequency of Meetings: 4 per year

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Name / Title: Spencer Willett  / Government Affairs Manager
Address: 1005 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, VA 23059
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