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Virginia Department of Health
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Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control [12 VAC 5 ‑ 90]
Repeal Cancer Registry sections, Establish New Regulatory Chapter for Cancer Reporting
Action 4602
[Withdrawn 10/12/2018]
General Information
Action Summary The Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control provide information about the process and procedures for reporting diseases to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) including what diseases must be reported, who must report them and other provisions related to the Virginia Cancer Registry. VDH is proposing the amendment of the regulations to create an separate regulatory chapter for the Virginia Cancer Registry and update those regulations. The amendments being proposed are necessary to ensure the regulations reflect the organizational structure of VDH, to clarify regulatory language, to ensure regulatory language is clearly written and easily understandable and ensure the regulations are efficient. Finally some minor formatting edits are necessary.
Chapters Affected
  VAC Chapter Name Action Type
Primary 12 VAC 5-90 Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control Amend Existing Regulation
Other chapters
  12 VAC 5 - 100 Virginia Cancer Reporting Regulation Promulgate New Regulation
Executive Branch Review This action will go through the normal Executive Branch Review process.
RIS Project Yes  [004857]
New Periodic Review This action will not be used to conduct a new periodic review.
Stages associated with this regulatory action.
Stage ID Stage Type Status
7627 NOIRA Stage withdrawn on 10/12/2018 after the comment period had ended.
8237 Proposed Stage withdrawn on 10/12/2018 before DPB completed its review.
Contact Information
Name / Title: Robin Buskey  / Policy Analyst, Office of Family Health Services
Address: Virginia Department of Health
109 Governor Street, 10th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Email Address:
Phone: (804)864-7253    FAX: (804)864-7647    TDD: ()-