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Regulations Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions [8 VAC 20 ‑ 720]
This action is part of the regulatory reform initiative.
Promulgate regulation; consolidate other select regulations related to local school boards
Action 2658
[Withdrawn 6/21/2022]
General Information
Action Summary The Regulations Governing School Boards Local, 8 VAC 20-490-10 et seq., were adopted on or before September 1, 1980. These regulations have not been amended since that time and are out of date. Additionally, several other regulations have been promulgated that address regulatory requirements for local school boards and school divisions. Some of these regulations were adopted on or about September 1, 1980 as well. They all lend themselves to consolidation with the Regulations Governing School Boards Local. This proposal is to promulgate a new regulation (8 VAC 20-720) governing local school boards and to incorporate the applicable regulatory requirements from other regulations, which will be repealed concurrent with the promulgation of the new regulation, so that local school boards and school divisions will have one regulation containing applicable regulatory requirements and will not have to look to several regulations for guidance.
Chapters Affected
  VAC Chapter Name Action Type
Primary 8 VAC 20-720 Regulations Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions Promulgate New Regulation
Other chapters
  8 VAC 20 - 150 Management of the Student's Scholastic Record in the Public Schools of Virginia
  8 VAC 20 - 170 Regulations Governing Instructional Materials -Selection and Utilization By Local School Boards
  8 VAC 20 - 180 Regulations Governing School Community Programs
  8 VAC 20 - 210 Classifications of Expenditures
  8 VAC 20 - 240 Regulations Governing School Activity Funds
  8 VAC 20 - 250 Regulations Governing the Testing of Sight and Hearing of Pupils
  8 VAC 20 - 310 Rules Governing Instructions Concerning Drugs and Substance Abuse
  8 VAC 20 - 320 Regulations Governing Physical and Health Education
  8 VAC 20 - 390 Rules Governing Division Superintendent of Schools
  8 VAC 20 - 410 Regulations Governing Allowable Credit for Teaching Experience
  8 VAC 20 - 420 Regulations Governing Personnel in Public School Libraries Operated Under Joint Contract Under Control of Local School Board or Boards
  8 VAC 20 - 460 Regulations Governing Sick Leave Plan for Teachers
  8 VAC 20 - 490 Regulations Governing School Boards Local
  8 VAC 20 - 565 Regulations for the Protection of Students as Participants in Human Research
Executive Branch Review This action will go through the normal Executive Branch Review process.
RIS Project Yes  [001332]
New Periodic Review This action will be used to conduct a new periodic review.
Stages associated with this regulatory action.
Stage ID Stage Type Status
4633 NOIRA Stage withdrawn on 06/21/2022 after the comment period had ended.
5134 Proposed Stage withdrawn on 06/21/2022 after the comment period had ended.
5474 Final Stage withdrawn on 02/01/2017 before the Secretary's office completed its review.
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