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Periodic Review status of 10 chapters for the State Water Control Board.
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secretariat Natural and Historic Resources
board State Water Control Board

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VAC Chapter Title Review via Standard Rulemaking Periodic Review Feature Agency's Scheduled Due Date
9 VAC 25-11 Public Participation Guidelines 5/28/2021 6/7/2021
9 VAC 25-40 Regulation for Nutrient Enriched Waters and Dischargers within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed 7/9/2021 7/15/2021
9 VAC 25-191 Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) General Permit for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
This action is exempt from the executive branch review process.
7/13/2021 7/15/2021
9 VAC 25-260 Water Quality Standards 6/27/2017
9 VAC 25-370 Policy for the Protection of Water Quality in Virginia's Shellfish Growing Waters 6/9/2021 6/15/2021
9 VAC 25-640 Aboveground Storage Tank and Pipeline Facility Financial Responsibility Requirements 11/1/2008 7/22/2021 8/7/2021
9 VAC 25-720 Water Quality Management Planning Regulation 8/30/2021 8/15/2020
9 VAC 25-770 Financial Responsibility Requirements for Mitigation Associated with Tidal Dredging Projects 6/9/2021 6/15/2021
9 VAC 25-870 Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Regulation (formerly 4VAC50-60) 2/4/2019 2/28/2019
9 VAC 25-880 General Permit for Discharges of Stormwater from Construction Activities (formerly Part XIV, 4VAC50-60) 7/1/2019 8/27/2021