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Description of Proposed Guidance Document Changes
The Virginia Department of Education revised and updated the Guidelines for School Facilities in Virginia’s Public Schools in a cooperative effort with school division facility directors from across Virginia. The goal was to provide recommendations that will help local school divisions ensure that their school sites and facilities support the school divisions’ educational programs, enhances learning and provide a healthy and safe learning environment. The recommendations contained in these guidelines should be considered as a primary tool when planning all future school construction and renovation projects. These guidelines define the minimum standard that all schools in Virginia should meet, and are a design starting point for school facility planners, architects, and local school divisions. School facility planners and local school divisions are encouraged to adapt these recommendations as needed to meet the needs of a school’s educational program. The document that follows contains updated and new sections to better meet the ever changing demands of today’s instructional programs, and to ensure that that the school buildings are safe. New sections include Acknowledgements, Authority, Net Zero, Planning a School Construction Project, CTE (Career and Technical Education), Universal Waste Management, Electronic Room Partitions, and Outdoor School Facilities. In the appendices, an Acronyms section was added and the following were removed: Project Requirements Checklist, Virginia Construction Cost Data Form, a Public Private Education Act of 2002 (PPEA), and Design-Build/Construction Management. All web links in the guidelines’ main body and in the appendices have been updated.
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School Facilities Guidelines for School Facilities In Virginia’s Public Schools pdf Document     pdf Proposed Document
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A.K. (Vijay) Ramnarain
Director of Support Services
101 N. 14th Street
The Virginia Register

Publication Date: 3/1/2021    Volume: 37  Issue: 14
The public comment period began upon publication and lasted for 30 days. It ended on 3/31/2021.
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Planned Effective Date:  4/1/2021 
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