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Addition of license class
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CLOSED     Opened on 12/16/2013 and Ended on 1/15/2014

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Comment Title Commenter
Support for separate composting license John Collett, City of Newport News  1/15/14  11:15 am
Recommend Class I W/ CE Requirement Benjamin Loveday, Spotsylvania County  1/15/14  11:07 am
Same license for all composters - Class I is sufficient Linda Shultz  1/15/14  8:09 am
Support for separate composting license Roy Chesson, Newport News Dept of Public Works  1/14/14  4:35 pm
Support for Separate Class for Compost Facilities Eric Walter  1/14/14  4:17 pm
Operators License for Compost and Landfills Tim Shockley, City of Newport News  1/14/14  3:26 pm
Class I License for Compost facilities Gordon M. Briggs Jr., City of Newport News  1/14/14  1:46 pm
Class I License for Compost Facilities Terena Meador, PME Compost, LLC  1/13/14  12:41 pm
In favor of an additional licensing class specific for compost facility operators. Marshall Hall, Natural Organic Process Enterprises  1/9/14  8:35 pm

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