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On this Guidance Document (Guidelines for the Consideration of the Need for Age and Developmentally Appropriate Instruction)

CLOSED     Opened on 4/26/2021 and Ended on 5/26/2021

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Comment Title Commenter
Guidance on need for age and developmentally appropriate Instruction Clyde Mathews  5/26/21  4:10 pm
Support for The Arc of VA's Comments Lucy Beadnell, The Arc of Northern Virginia  5/26/21  9:07 am
Youth deserve positive shame-free sexual health education Adrienne Griggs, SexEdVA  5/26/21  8:45 am
The Arc of Virginia Comments Tonya Milling, The Arc of Virginia  5/25/21  8:55 pm
A Parent's Perspective Flip Grey  5/25/21  5:50 pm
Expanding the guidelines to meet the needs of youth with disabilities and their IEP teams Gracee Wallach on behalf of SexEdVA Staff  5/25/21  5:39 pm
Comment by Virginia Board for People with Disabilities Teri Morgan, Virginia Board for People with Disabilities  5/25/21  3:27 pm
Equal access to sex education Molly Dellinger-Wray  5/25/21  1:06 pm
Access to comprehensive education Anonymous (98633)  5/21/21  3:39 pm
Personal boundaries, Consent, Self-protection, What to do in case of assault or coercion Kristen La Mont  5/14/21  1:22 pm
Disabled Youth Deserve Health Information Alex Weathersby  5/9/21  8:06 pm
Sexual Education in IEP is essential Marie Dagenais-Lewis  5/8/21  4:41 pm
Guidance Followed by Implementation J Garland  4/30/21  10:56 am

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