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On this Guidance Document (Impact of Criminal Convictions, Impairment, and Past History on Licensure, Certification or Registration )

CLOSED     Opened on 6/6/2022 and Ended on 7/6/2022

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Impairments Impactful to Certification Anonymous (122139)  6/12/22  12:51 pm
Lost in Translation Sharon Martin  6/7/22  12:18 pm
Then what? Anonymous (122133)  6/7/22  10:39 am
Barrier Crimes Holly Boswell  6/7/22  10:14 am
Hypocritical Whitney  6/7/22  9:38 am
The past is a part of us, it is not our present! Ease up/Drop barrier crime Sara  6/7/22  8:41 am
Virginia strick hiring policies only hurt Virginia and add to Stigma of peers in/out of recovery Kelvin Manurs Arm & Arm Inc  6/6/22  8:24 pm
MOST STRINGENT POLICIES IN THE COUNTRY Taryn Fletcher, Mental Health Billing  6/6/22  5:01 pm

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