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Unified Regulatory Plans

The Procedures issued by the Office of Regulatory Management (ORM) pursuant to Executive Order 19 require each agency to prepare a Unified Regulatory Plan (Plan) by July 1 of each year. Each Plan lists all rulemaking activities anticipated to occur during the subsequent state fiscal year. After submission, the Plan will either be approved or modified by ORM. Regulations that become necessary after the publication of an agency's Plan may be submitted to ORM for potential inclusion in the Plan.

An agency's Plan should include all regulatory actions that the agency reasonably anticipates will occur during the designated state fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). (Note: the plans for Fiscal Year 2023 cover the period from October 1st through June 30th.) This Plan should include actions that will be carried out by the agency itself and any regulatory boards associated with the agency. Reasonably anticipated activities are those that the agency (or its boards) expects to address during the course of the fiscal year, such as regulatory changes resulting from legislative mandates, ongoing actions that are expected to proceed to a subsequent stage, new actions that the agency (or its boards) have identified as likely to be initiated during the fiscal year, or changes to guidance documents. The comprehensive, government-wide plans for all regulatory actions and guidance documents to be issued in FY24 appear in the chart below. The agency-specific plans for FY24 will be uploaded shortly.

  FY 2024
Commonwealth's Unified Regulatory Plan pdf
Guidance Documents Plan pdf