Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

Unified Regulatory Plans

The Procedures issued by the Office of Regulatory Management (ORM) pursuant to Executive Order 19 require each agency to prepare a Unified Regulatory Plan (Plan) by July 1 of each year. Each Plan lists all rulemaking activities anticipated to occur during the subsequent state fiscal year. After submission, the Plan will either be approved or modified by ORM. Regulations that become necessary after the publication of an agency's Plan may be submitted to ORM for potential inclusion in the Plan.

An agency's Plan should include all regulatory actions that the agency reasonably anticipates will occur during the designated state fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). (Note: the plans for Fiscal Year 2023 cover the period from October 1st through June 30th.) This Plan should include actions that will be carried out by the agency itself and any regulatory boards associated with the agency. Reasonably anticipated activities are those that the agency (or its boards) expects to address during the course of the fiscal year, such as regulatory changes resulting from legislative mandates, ongoing actions that are expected to proceed to a subsequent stage, new actions that the agency (or its boards) have identified as likely to be initiated during the fiscal year, or changes to guidance documents. The comprehensive, government-wide plans for all regulatory actions and guidance documents to be issued in FY24 appear in the chart below. The agency-specific plans for FY24 will be uploaded shortly.

  FY 2024
Commonwealth's Unified Regulatory Plan pdf
Guidance Documents Plan pdf

Agency FY 2024
Accountancy, Board of pdf
Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Dept. for pdf
Agriculture & Consumer Services, Dept. of pdf
Aviation, Dept. of pdf
Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Dept. of pdf
Blind and Vision Impaired, Dept. for the pdf
Children's Services, Office of pdf
Christopher Newport University *
College of William And Mary *
Community Colleges, State Board For *
Conservation and Recreation, Dept. of pdf
Corrections, Dept. of pdf
Criminal Justice Services, Dept. of pdf
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, Dept. for the pdf
Education, Dept. of pdf
Elections, Dept. of pdf
Emergency Management, Dept. of *
Employment Commission, Virginia pdf
Energy, Dept. of *
Environmental Quality, Dept. of pdf
Fire Programs, Dept. of pdf
Forensic Science, Dept. of pdf
Forestry, Dept. of pdf
General Services, Dept. of pdf
Health Professions, Dept. of pdf
George Mason University pdf
Health, Dept. of pdf
Historic Resources, Dept. of pdf
Higher Education for Virginia, State Council of *
Housing and Community Development, Dept. of pdf
Human Resource Management, Dept. of *
James Madison University *
Juvenile Justice, Dept. of pdf
Labor and Industry, Dept. of pdf
Library of Virginia pdf
Local and Regional Jails, Board of pdf
Longwood University *
Marine Resources Commission pdf
Medical Assistance Services, Dept. of pdf
Motor Vehicle Dealer Board *
Military Affairs, Dept. of pdf
Motor Vehicles, Dept. of pdf
Norfolk State University *
Old Dominion University *
Professional and Occupational Regulation, Dept. of pdf
Radford University *
Rail and Public Transportation, Dept. of pdf
Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Dept. of *
Social Services, Dept. of pdf
State Inspector General, Office of the *
State Police, Dept. of pdf
Taxation, Dept. of pdf
Transportation, Dept. of pdf
Treasury, Dept. of the *
University of Mary Washington *
University of Virginia *
Veterans Services, Dept. of *
Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority *
Virginia Cannabis Control Authority *
Virginia Commonwealth University *
Virginia Housing Development Authority pdf
Virginia Information Technologies Agency pdf
Virginia Military Institute *
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts *
Virginia Passenger Rail Authority *
Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University *
Virginia Port Authority *
Virginia Racing Commission pdf
Virginia State University *
Wildlife Resources, Dept. of pdf
Workforce Development and Advancement, Dept. of *

* Agency reports no planned changes will occur during the fiscal year, so no plan was submitted.