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Mandate 16

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Emergency Water Supply Permits
Purpose of legislation
Authorizes the State Water Control Board to issue an emergency Virginia Water Protection Permit(VWPP) to meet public drinking water supply needs during drought or low-flow conditions. The amount of water that could be withdrawn under the VWPP is limited to the amount necessary to protect public health and safety. The emergency VWPP would be valid until the Board either denied or approved a regular VWPP or for 1 year, whichever occurs sooner. The fee charged by the Board for the emergency VWPP would be 50 percent of the amount charged for a comparable water project seeking a VWPP. The provisions are self-implementing and will be available on and after 7/1/03. Changes need to be incorporated into the VWP regulation.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 0399 (2003)
VAC chapters to be amended
9 vac 25 - 210 : Virginia Water Protection Permit Regulation
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 1655: Amendment of the Virginia Water Protection Permit Regulation
Latest Stage: Final
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