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Mandate 1268

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Kinship foster care; notice and appeal
Purpose of legislation
Requires local boards of social services (local boards), upon receiving a request from a child's relative to become a kinship foster parent, to provide the relative with any forms and materials that must be submitted to become a kinship foster parent within 15 days. The bill requires local boards, upon denying a relative's request to become a kinship foster parent, to provide to the relative (i) a clear and specific explanation of the reasons for denial, (ii) a statement that such denial is appealable, and (iii) information regarding the procedure for filing such appeal. The bill allows relatives to file an appeal regarding such decisions with the Commissioner of Social Services and requires the Board of Social Services to adopt certain regulations regarding the timeline of such appeals.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 561 (2022)
Chap 562 (2022)
VAC chapters to be amended
22 vac 40 - 211 : Foster and Adoptive Family Home Approval Standards
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5977: Foster and Adoptive Home Approval Standards Regulatory Action-2022 Legislative Changes
Latest Stage: Final
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