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Mandate 1161

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Public schools; extension of provisional teacher licensure
Purpose of legislation
Permits any school board and division superintendent to extend from three months to six months the period within which the provisional license of an individual seeking initial teacher licensure who has not completed professional assessments will expire for the purpose of establishing such individual's eligibility for initial licensure, provided that such individual has received a satisfactory mid-year performance review in the current school year and meets all other eligibility criteria.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 640 (2020)
VAC chapters to be amended
8 vac 20 - 23 : Licensure Regulations for School Personnel
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5662: Fast-Track Revisions to the Licensure Regulations for School Personnel and the Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs in Virginia
Latest Stage: Fast-Track
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