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Mandate 1120

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Games of Skill
Purpose of legislation
To include the playing or offering for play of any skill game in the definition of "illegal gambling." The bill also includes skill games within the definition of "gambling devices." The bill defines a "skill game" as an electronic, computerized, or mechanical contrivance, terminal, machine, or other device that requires the insertion of a coin, currency, ticket, token, or similar object to operate, activate, or play a game, the outcome of which is determined by any element of skill of the player and that may deliver or entitle the person playing or operating the device to receive cash; cash equivalents, gift cards, vouchers, billets, tickets, tokens, or electronic credits to be exchanged for cash; merchandise; or anything of value whether the payoff is made automatically from the device or manually. The bill exempts family entertainment centers from the prohibition against the playing or offering of any skill game, provided the prize won or distributed to a player by the skill games offered by such centers is a noncash, merchandise prize or a voucher, billet, ticket, token, or electronic credit redeemable only for a noncash, merchandise prize that also meets certain other requirements.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 1217 (2020)
Chap 1277 (2020)
VAC chapters to be amended
3 vac 5 - 80 : Games of Skill
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5525: Games of Skill
Latest Stage: Emergency
Deadline for the regulation to become effective 7/1/2020
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