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Individual License and Certification Regulations [18 VAC 50 ‑ 30]
Action Journeyman Examination Exemption for Completion of Approved Apprenticeship Program
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11/23/22  10:17 pm
Commenter: Linwood Windsor Jr

18VAC50-30 Professional, Occupational Licensing

Hands on credit be giving to members from the Military. I can speak for the sea services with US Navy and US Coast Guard in my back ground. 

Electrical, Plumbing and Refrigeration is closely related on shore as well on ship. There my be other trades closely related.

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12/20/22  2:10 pm
Commenter: concerned citizens of virginia

apprenticeship training

accredited apprenticeship training gives all Virginians the best skilled tradesmen, therefore getting jobs done in a safe and proper manner with less accidents and things done up to code.

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12/20/22  3:59 pm
Commenter: Gregg Spicer, Richmond Electricians' JATC

Journeyman Examination Exemption for Completion of Approved Apprenticeship Program

Not all Registered Apprenticeships (RA) are created equal and to be treated as such is simply irresponsible. There are RA's that focus on just enough information to pass a state exam, that have the least amount of classroom time required and are training in limited area's of their industry but there are RA's that go above and beyond the standards.  RA's that require 900 classroom hours. RA's that rotate their apprentices to different aspects of their industry and teach them to aspire to more than just a Journeyperson. I believe all RA's should be able to submit a review of their program for an exemption of the Journeyman Examination or no Registered Apprenticeship receive an exemption.

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12/20/22  4:21 pm

Examination Exemption

Not all apprenticeships are equal. The requirement of the craft licensing examination is the one standardization that ensure individuals are knowledgeable and properly trained to effectively perform their craft. The Board needs this verification to ensure it's mission has been fulfilled. 

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12/20/22  4:38 pm
Commenter: Eric Lambert

There are many registered apprenticeships

There are many registered apprenticeships in the state of VA. Unfortunately, many just do the bare minimum to get their apprentices to pass the test. And there are others that truly train their apprentices into real trades workers. Those that do the bare minimum will do even less if they're apprentices are not required to pass a test to get a state certification. These workers would not be trades workers and certainly not be "journeypersons". Do not remove the examination in order to obtain a journeyman license issued by the Board. 

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12/20/22  4:43 pm
Commenter: Tim Morris

JW Card State Test

To whom it may concern,

Not all schools/teachers are created equal. If we are going to require Journeyman of all trades, (especially Gas and Electrical) to have a licence it make no sense not to make them take a test no matter what Apprenticeship they attended. If fact if the localites did there job and actually checked to see if there is a Journeyman on every job then maybe we would have better installs around the region. No one from the counties or state ever asked me for my card in 30 years, in other states that is a common occurrence.

Thank You,

Tim Morris

Master Electrician


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12/20/22  4:54 pm
Commenter: Nate Davenport


Why would you want to exempt examination of an apprentice before they become a journeyman? That examination shows us if this individual is up to speed and is ready for this earned title as a journeyman. Not everybody is equal in their education. Some pick it up quick and some do not. Examinations is what makes us better and want to succeed for are future in the trade. Would you want a lawyer who didn't pass the bar or a surgeon that didn't pass their exam's. Our trades are just as important than the previous that I stated. I am opposed. 

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12/21/22  4:00 pm
Commenter: Charles Skelly IBEW 666

Opposed to proposed change to Journeyman Examination Exemption

The current apprenticeship program graduates that are exempted from the exam are programs that have demonstrated that they go above and beyond the minimum requirements.  Rewarding programs and participants that demonstrate excellence makes sense.  Simply exempting anyone that graduates a program that barely meets the education requirements is reducing licensing in the state to the lowest common denominator.  The current testing for most programs ensures that licensed trades workers possess a basic knowledge of the trade they are licensed in.  Please do not change the current requirements.

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12/21/22  5:17 pm
Commenter: Josh Robertson. Commercial Electric Inc.

Journeyman’s exam

It makes no sense to remove the requirement for the state exam.  We have had apprentices that spent their whole apprenticeship working on cable tray or low voltage.  If the exam requirement is no longer required they are the future for our trade.  This is unacceptable.


Josh Robertson

Class A Contractor

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