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Action Supervision and direction of laser hair removal
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10/31/17  9:11 pm
Commenter: Michelle Lannie, SoVa Laser

Small business impact


I am the Owner/Operator of a small laser hair removal business.  I have been in business for 6 years.  I only perform laser hair removal and use the Alma Harmony XL which is considered an IPL (Intense Pulse Light).  My concern with regulations is the cost of having a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant oversee my business.  I have looked into hiring for overseeing our business and it is financially impossible for me to hire someone for this.  I only do this part-time and do not generate enough business to be able to pay what a medical professional would want to be paid for overseeing my small business.  I do not plan to do any other services like a med spa.  Most med spas have a physician on board due to other medical services they offer and would not cause a hardship to their business.


I have a concern also regarding the different lasers that are used.  I consider the IPL machine we use to be much safer and just as effective as other lasers. If you research the different types of lasers on the market they do not consider IPL as laser.


I went to NoVa Laser & Esthetics Training and received certification.  The company we purchased the equipment from also trained us.  I have more training and experience with laser hair removal than most physicians that would be overseeing my business.  We have never had any issues or claims against us since we have been in business since 2011.


I would agree that training and regulations should be in place to protect the public, but also believe that I am qualified to perform services that I provide.  I would consider going to training every so often to continue to be educated on laser hair removal.  I don’t know if you would consider my small business to be grandfathered in before bill date so I can continue to stay in business. If I have to hire a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant to oversee my business I would be forced out of business.  If you know how to assist me with this please contact me.


Thank you for your consideration.


Michelle Lannie

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10/31/17  9:48 pm
Commenter: Christine Miller , Beautiful You

Supervision of Laser Hair Removal

I own and run Beautiful You. Everyone employed at Beautiful You are properly trained, certified laser aestheticians thru NVLET an accredited higher education school with years of experience. We have no incidents of injury to clients at our facility. We would like to give input that directly affects our livelihood. We are a small businesses and with the passing of HB2119 we will take a great financial hit with the need to employ a physician or equivalent. Their salary and the added cost of extra malpractice insurances to cover them would create a burden that most small businesses could not handle. In research the average malpractice policy would cost between $5500 and $10000 extra a year. Some laser hair removal chains advertise as having a medical director. In our research typical medical director duties are being on call if a need arises for someone needing a prescription and looking thru the client files periodically. Some of these medical directors have no experience performing hair removal procedures. One solution that we would suggest is that there may be some sort of exemption for experienced laser hair removal professionals from needing to be under supervision of a medical personnel.

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