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Charitable Gaming Regulations [11 VAC 15 ‑ 40]
Action Amendments to add a new game called “network bingo” and to clarify provisions of current regulations
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5/31/13  8:35 pm
Commenter: Thomas Patchin, Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Gaming Arts

Network Bingo

 Proposed Game Structure:

Cost per ticket: One Dollar.

The Pari-Mutuel game is offered through Gaming Arts’ Optima Network System as described below:

Use of a Central Determination Server (CDS).

Sales of tickets through points of sales connected to the CDS.

Points of sales could be POS terminals and or mobile tablets.  

Printers attached to the Optima System print tickets at the time a sale is made.

Tickets are generated with bar codes.

Every day (or every specified day) and at a specific time, say 9pm Virginia time, to draw numbers until at least one winning ticket is established for each participating game.

The winning numbers will be displayed at each bingo hall as well as at a designated website.  Players could also scan their tickets at scanners located at each bingo hall to determine whether they have a winning ticket.  

If there are multiple winning tickets, they share the prize of that day or session.

If the prize of a day or a session exceeds $25,000, the excess is added to the following day or the following session’s prize pool.


Players’ Game-Play Experience:

Players buy tickets at a participating charity.

Each ticket purchased enters into the next drawing.

Players can go to a designated website to see the winning numbers and the prize amounts for each day or each session by Charity.


Charity’s Operational Experience:

Each Charity can offer a network bingo game as often as specified by rules and regulations of the game and as well as the economics of the game.

Each Charity opens a designated bank account to deposit its ticket sales into the account.

Each Charity is responsible for its own accounting and reporting.

Each Charity is given access to the Optima System to produce ticket sale reports.


   Proposed Network Structure:

The CDS will be hosted at a location approved by the state regulators

Each point of sale is connected to the CDS through a dedicated DSL or a Cable line that is able to create a VPN connection.

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6/5/13  1:21 pm
Commenter: Mark Newton, Powerhouse Gaming

Proposed regulatory Changes

There are a couple of issues that I think need to be addressed when  reviewing the regulation

1. Use of proceeds - The current use of proceeds based on gross sales makes the use of electronic pull tabs impractical for chartable organizations

2. Licensing - Currently manufacturers of bingo supplies are not licensed or regulated by the state, also distributors of electronic pull tabs are not required to be licensed in any way, 


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6/5/13  4:13 pm
Commenter: Sonya Huscroft, Compliance Director, VKGS LLC d/b/a Video King

Proposed Changes

In an effort to increase profitability for Charitable Organizations, we would suggest review of the following items:

  1. Review the manner in which a progressive game will progress; allow for alternate methods for the game to progress and do not tie the game to ball calls.
  2. Provide flexibility in the number of bingo games that can be played in a bingo session and  the specified period in which they must be played.
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