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8/1/23  12:37 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Agree with petition

I agree with this petition 

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8/21/23  2:25 pm
Commenter: Debra Riggs

Passing score for ASWB Exam

Raising the passing grade of the ASWB exam to 99 in Virginia would be an imprudent decision for several compelling reasons. Firstly, a passing grade of99 implies near-perfect performance, which could inadvertently discourage many well-qualified candidates who might make minor mistakes or misinterpret a few questions. Such an extreme could potentially reduce the number of licensed social workers in Virginia, leading to an already depleted shortage of a profession that is currently stretched thin. This score may not guarantee a better practitoner in stead, it could prioritize rote memorization over practical skills and adaptability. Further, comparing the standards across different states, a passing grade of 99 would make Virginia an outlier, potentially making it challenging for Social Workers licensed in other states to move and practice in Virginia.

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