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11/6/17  9:04 am
Commenter: Keith Richardson


I am okay with removing the unique identifer as suggested by the petition for rulemaking


However to the best of my knowledge





  National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) maintains NPI  (National Provider Identifier)


 · All licensed pharmacies are assigned a seven digit number known as the NCPDP Provider ID



National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a ten digit number

A npi is searchable and accessible online

A npi is synonymous to an individual 

If the unique identifer is to be removed 

Other than payor sheets 

By which means does anyone have the ability to reference a pharamacy?

Is there a way to find a pharmacy?



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11/17/17  2:57 pm
Commenter: Rx Partnership

Rx Partnership favors amendment

Rx Partnership, a nonprofit organization working statewide to increase medication access, supports this amendment as proposed in the petition. The change would increase efficiency and ease related to providing prescriptions for individuals who need a convenient location for pick-up that may not necessarily be where the prescription was filled.

We believe this amendment will help encourage more pharmacies to be involved in helping patients receive medications at a preferred location. Many of the low income and uninsured patients Rx Partnership supports experience transportation challenges and being able to receive medication(s) at a preferred pharmacy would greatly improve medication adherence and health outcomes.

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