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Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Professional Boxing and Wrestling Event Regulations [18 VAC 120 ‑ 40]


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10/23/23  8:55 am
Commenter: Robert Hoffmann

DPOR regulation of pro wrestling

I realize that this will require statutory change.  However, I feel this needs to be put on the record.  Regulation of professional wrestling as though it were a legitimate sport is a waste of the Commonwealth's time and energy.  We're out of the "kayfabe" era.  Everyone, inside and outside the profession, acknowledges that professional wrestling is a fusion of improvised theatre and sport, leaning more towards improv.  We don't regulate ComedySportz, the Coalition Theatre, or any other improv theatre or troupe in Virginia - why are we still regulating professional wrestling?

It remains my hope that, sooner rather than later, the annual deregulation bill will finally pass the General Assembly.  In the interim, I can only request that DPOR remember what wrestling is, and isn't, and run its regulatory activities accordingly.

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